Hosts $1M Planet Hollywood Circuit; $1.5 Million Winter Championships

February 4, 2021 Hosts $1M Planet Hollywood Circuit; $1.5 Million Winter Championships

The World Series of Poker Circuit events have transitioned online this year at site is running a monthly Online Circuit Series in 2021 and the next virtual stop is Planet Hollywood.

The series runs Feb. 17-28 with 12 gold rings up for grabs and more than $1 million guaranteed. If that weren’t enough the site is also hosting the Winter Online Championships in February with $1.5 million guaranteed.

Both series are available to players in New Jersey and Nevada.

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Blasting off with Planet Hollywood saw success with numerous online tournament series during the pandemic in 2020. The company looks to continue that this year.

The first Online Circuit Series ran in January. The Planet Hollywood Online Circuit Series includes a $525 Main Event on Feb. 28 with a $250,000 guarantee.

Other notable Online Circuit Series events include:

  • $500 Pot Limit Omaha (Event 3, Feb.19) – $50,000 guaranteed
  • $320 NLHE Double Stack (Event 4, Feb.20) – $100,000 guaranteed
  • $1,000 NLHE High Roller 6-Max (Event 7, Feb.23) – $100,000 guaranteed
  • $300 NLHE Knockout Freezeout (Event 8, Feb.25) – $50,000 guaranteed
  • $500 NLHE 8-Max  (Event 10, Feb.26) – $75,000 guaranteed

Here is the complete schedule of events:

Planet Hollywood Circuit Series

DateEventTournamentBuy-inGuaranteeTime (EST)
Feb. 171$50,000 GTD NLHE Freezeout$250$50,0007:00 PM
Feb. 182Planet Hollywood Circuit Event - $75,000 GTD NLHE 2x Re-entry$320$75,0007:00 PM
Feb. 193$50,000 GTD PLO BIG $500 6-Max 3X Re-entry$500$50,0007:00 PM
Feb. 204Planet Hollywood Circuit Event - $100,000 GTD NLHE Double Stack 2x Re-entry$320$100,0007:00 PM
Feb. 215Planet Hollywood Circuit Event - $150,000 GTD NLHE Monster Stack 3x Re-entry 8-Max$525$150,0005:00 PM
Feb. 226$50,000 GTD NLHE Deep Turbo 2x Re-entry$215$50,0007:00 PM
Feb. 237$100,000 GTD NLHE High Roller 6-Max 2x Re-entry$1,000$100,0007:00 PM
Feb. 258Planet Hollywood Circuit Event - $50,000 NLHE Knockout Freezeout$300$50,0007:00 PM
2021-02-259$75,000 GTD NLHE 6-Max 2x Re-entry$320$75,0007:00 PM
Feb. 2610$75,000 GTD NLHE BIG $500 Kick-Off 3x Re-entry 8-Max$500$75,0007:00 PM
Feb. 2711Planet Hollywood Circuit Event - $100,000 GTD NLHE Double Stack 2x Re-entry$320$100,0007:00 PM
Feb. 2812$250,000 GTD NLHE Main Event 3x Re-entry 8-Max$525$250,0005:00 PM

$10,000 extra planned for Planet Hollywood leaderboard

Each month, is also running a $10,000 monthly leaderboard for each online series event. The top 10 circuit grinders each month win tournament tickets.

The winner also wins a seat into the year-end WSOP Online Circuit Championship with a $250,000 guarantee.

That tournament is set for Dec. 28 and rewards the champion with a WSOP gold bracelet. There are four ways to qualify for the championship:

  • Win a WSOP gold ring event during the 2021 season
  • Win a $10,000 Player of the Month leaderboard
  • Win a Second Chance Freeroll
  • Be one of the top 50 players on the cumulative circuit leaderboard

As of January, New Jersey regular Daniel Buzgon is the current king of the mountain with 88.84 points. “GLDUDE” sits in second with 70.46.

Freerolls continue with Planet Hollywood Circuit Series

Planet Hollywood players also have a chance at a $25,000 freeroll scheduled for March. 2. Players can qualify for the freeroll tournament by:

  • winning a gold ring event during the monthly series
  • Finish in the top 10 on the monthly leaderboard

On the same day, hosts a winner-take-all Second Chance Freeroll. The winner earns a seat in the Online Circuit Championship.

To be eligible for the freeroll, players must have played in at least three ring events in February.

 A look at some January winners

The January Online Super Circuit consisted of 18 events. “Super” Circuits generally include six extra ring events. 

A few regular online poker grinders took home some hardware in January including New Jersey’s Katie Stone and Dan Lupo. The UK’s Toby Lewis also won a title.

The biggest story was England’s Chris Moorman going heads-up against his wife Katie Lindsay for a ring. Moorman took the win, but they netted over $34,000 as a household. adds more action with Winter Championships

If that weren’t enough, players will find even more action in February with the Winter Online Championships. The series runs Feb. 14-28 with $1.5 million guaranteed.

Players who may not have the bankroll for the Planet Hollywood series may find more options with this series. There are 47 events on the schedule with buy-ins ranging from $20 to $1,000 and at least three tournaments a day.

The $320 Main Event is set for Feb. 28 and comes with a $200,000 guarantee. The winner also picks up some nice hardware – a WSOP championship belt. Here’s a look at the complete schedule:

DateEventTournamentBuy-inGuaranteeTime (PST)
Feb. 141#1 - $30,000 NLHE [R&A]$30$30,0001:00 PM
Feb. 142#2 - $125,000 NLHE Sunday Special Edition [Re-entry]$320$125,0002:00 PM
Feb. 143#3 - $25,000 NLHE 4-Max [R&A]$50$25,0003:00 PM
Feb. 154#4 - $15,000 NLHE [Knockout]$100$15,0004:00 PM
Feb. 155#5 - $30,000 NLHE [Re-entry]$100$30,0005:00 PM
Feb. 156#6 - $15,000 NLHE 8x8 [8R, 8-Max, Turbo]$88$15,0006:00 PM
Feb. 167#7 - $20,000 NLHE [R&A]$50$20,0004:00 PM
Feb. 168#8 - $75,000 Special Tuesday Showdown [Re-entry]$500$75,0005:00 PM
Feb. 169#9 - $20,000 NLHE [Re-entry, Super Turbo]$75$20,0006:00 PM
Feb. 1710#10 - $20,000 NLHE Deepstack [R&A]$20$20,0004:00 PM
Feb. 1711#11 - $25,000 NLHE 6-Max [Re-entry]$100$25,0005:00 PM
Feb. 1712#12 - $15,000 NLHE [R&A, Turbo]$50$15,0006:00 PM
Feb. 1813#13 - $20,000 NLHE [R&A]$30$20,0004:00 PM
Feb. 1814#14 - $20,000 NLHE [Freezeout]$100$20,0005:00 PM
Feb. 1815#15 - $15,000 NLHE Turbo Deepstack$50$15,0006:00 PM
Feb. 1916#16 - $15,000 NLHE [R&A]$20$15,0004:00 PM
Feb. 1917#17 - $20,000 NLHE 6-Max [Re-entry]$100$20,0005:00 PM
Feb. 1918#18 - $25,000 PLO 6-Max [Re-entry]$215$25,0006:00 PM
Feb. 2019#19 - $30,000 NLHE 30 for 30 [R&A]$30$30,0003:00 PM
Feb. 2020#20 - $10,000 PLO 8-Max [R&A]$50$10,0004:00 PM
Feb. 2021#21 - $50,000 NLHE [Re-entry]$215$50,0005:00 PM
Feb. 2122#22 - $10,000 NLHE [Knockout]$75$10,0001:00 PM
Feb. 2123#23 - $150,000 NLHE Sunday Special Edition [Re-entry]$320$150,0002:00 PM
Feb. 2124#24 - $22,222 NLHE [R&A]$11/$11/$22$22,2223:00 PM
Feb. 2225#25 - $20,000 NLHE [R&A]$30$20,0004:00 PM
Feb. 2226#26 - $25,000 NLHE Deepstack [Re-entry]$100$25,0005:00 PM
Feb. 2227#27 - $15,000 NLHE Monster Stack [R&A, Super Turbo] CAPPED$50$15,0006:00 PM
Feb. 2328#28 - $55,555 NLHE [R&A]$55$55,5554:00 PM
Feb. 2329#29 - $75,000 NLHE [Re-entry, 6-Max]$320$75,0005:00 PM
Feb. 2330#30 - $15,000 NLHE [Knockout]$300$15,0006:00 PM
Feb. 2431#31 - $25,000 NLHE Deepstack Super Addon [R&A]$30$25,0004:00 PM
Feb. 2432#32 - $25,000 NLHE [Re-entry]$100$25,0005:00 PM
Feb. 2433#33 - $15,000 NLHE 8-Max [Turbo, R]$50$15,0006:00 PM
Feb. 2534#34 - $75,000 NLHE High Roller 8-Max [Re-entry]$1,000$75,0004:00 PM
Feb. 2535#35 - $40,000 NLHE 6-Max [Re-entry]$250$40,0005:00 PM
Feb. 2536#36 - $10,000 PLO 6-Max [R&A]$50$10,0006:00 PM
Feb. 2637#37 - $20,000 NLHE [R&A]$30$20,0004:00 PM
Feb. 2638#38 - $30,000 NLHE Monster Stack [1x Re-entry], CAPPED$215$30,0005:00 PM
Feb. 2639#39 - $25,000 NLHE [Re-entry]$100$25,0006:00 PM
Feb. 2740#40 - $20,000 NLHE Deepstack [R&A]$30$20,0003:00 PM
Feb. 2741#41 - $25,000 NLHE [Re-entry]$100$25,0004:00 PM
Feb. 2742#42 - $20,000 NLHE [Re-entry, Super Turbo]$75$20,0005:00 PM
Feb. 2843#43 - $30,000 NLHE Special Sunday Deepstack [R&A, Super Addon]$50$30,0001:00 PM
Feb. 2844#44 - $200,000 NLHE Main Event [Re-entry]$320$200,0004:00 PM
Feb. 2845#45 - $30,000 NLHE [Freezeout]$215$30,0003:00 PM
Feb. 2846#46 - $40,000 PLO High Roller [Re-entry, 6-Max]$500$40,0004:00 PM
Feb. 2847#47 - $25,000 NLHE Deepstack [Turbo, Re-entry]$100$25,0005:00 PM

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