Online Circuit Series Returns In February With $1 Million Guaranteed

February 3, 2022 Online Circuit Series Returns In February With $1 Million Guaranteed

Another round of awarding championship rings comes to with the Online Circuit Series running Feb. 18 to March 1. Players will find 12 championship ring events and more than $1 million in guaranteed prizes.

The festival is open to players in New Jersey and Nevada. The $525 Main Event is the premier event on the schedule, starting on Feb. 27 with a $250,000 guarantee. Players in Pennsylvania also have a Circuit Series heading their way as well. Online Circuit events

No Limit Hold’em events will be the go-to choice for this series with one side of an Omaha tournament on the menu.  Other highlighted tournaments include:

  • $320 NLHE  (Event 2, Feb. 18) – $100,000 guaranteed
  • $215 Monster Stack (Event 3, Feb. 20) – $125,000 guaranteed
  • $1,000 High Roller  (Event 5, Feb. 22) – $100,000 guaranteed
  • $2,000 High Roller Six-Max (Event 12, Mar. 1) – $100,000 guaranteed

The entire schedule can be found below. Online Circuit Series – February 2022

Feb. 181 – Big $500 Kickoff$500$50,000
Feb. 192 – NLHE 2X Re-entry$320$100,000
Feb. 203 – MonsterStack$215$125,000
Feb. 214 – NLHE Freezeout$215$50,000
Feb. 225 – High Roller$1,000$100,000
Feb. 236 – NLHE 6-Max 2xRe-entry$320$75,000
Feb. 247 – NLHE Knockout Freezeout$320$50,000
Feb. 258 – Turbo DeepStack$215$50,000
Feb. 269 – Double Stack$320$100,000
Feb. 2710– Main Event$525$250,000
Feb. 2811 – PLO Big $500$500$50,000
March 112 – Super High Roller$2,000$100,000

Circuit action also returns to Pennsylvania

An Online Circuit Series is also available to players in Pennsylvania. This series is separate from the NJ/NV events as Pennsylvania online poker remains a “ringed-in” market. That means players compete only against others in the state.

Players in the Keystone State will also find 12 events running Feb. 18 through March 1.

The $525 Main Event highlights the series and features a $100,000 guarantee. Here’s a look at the entire schedule. Online Circuit Series PA – February 2022

Feb. 181 – Turbo DeepStack$215$40,000
Feb. 192 – MonsterStack$109$30,000
Feb. 203 – Sunday Special$215$75,000
Feb. 214 – NLHE Freezeout$215$25,000
Feb. 225 – High Roller$1,000$50,000
Feb. 236 – PLO Six-Max$320$20,000
Feb. 247 – NLHE PKO$215$40,000
Feb. 258 – Freezeout 6-Max$215$25,000
Feb. 269 – MonsterStack$215$40,000
Feb. 2710 – Main Event$215$100,000
Feb. 2811 – NLHE PKO$109$25,000
March 112 – Big $500$500$40,000

A look at January ring winners

Many players grabbed their fourth WSOP Online Circuit ring in January. Micahel “ParxBigStax” Marder won ring number four in January along with $27,601. He took down the $500 NLHE BIG event on Jan. 28.

Mark “nostradonkus” Lietdtke also joined the four-ring club. He took down another PLO event and won $22,278. John “macallan25” Riordan also scored his fourth piece of hardware in the $1,000 High Roller for $37,629.

Ryan “SychoSid” Hohner took his fifth ring and $50,325 after taking down the Super High Roller on Jan. 27. Kevin “GoneBananas” Garosshen won ring three and snagged $26,075 after taking down the Double Stack event. 

Tournament of Champions Million Dollar Freeroll recently announced that all 2022 bracelet and ring winners, live or online, will qualify for a Tournament of Champions event. The WSOP will hold a $1 million freeroll in Las Vegas for all players winning a ring throughout the season.

USPoker will have more information about a date for the Tournament of Champions in the coming months. 

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