Need A Place To Relax At The WSOP? Try The Estars Lounge

June 18, 2019
Need A Place To Relax At The WSOP? Try The Estars Lounge

It’s nice to have a place to rest during the marathon of the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Thankfully, WSOP has joined with esports platform Estars to create a special lounge experience.

The Estars Lounge is located inside the Pavilion Room at the Rio. The lounge offers Estars’ members an opportunity to relax, meet some top video game streamers, or play a few games themselves.

In fact, Estars has spared little expense in outfitting the lounge. Players can play games on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Gamers won’t be uncomfortable while they play, either. Estars has installed Respawn gaming chairs and is providing Guayakí Yerba Mate beverages so that the lounge is truly a place to get refreshed.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the WSOP for Estars’ first live activation,” said Jeff Liboon, president of Estars, in a statement. “Estars will be a destination for esports fans to supercharge their viewing experience and we look forward to launching later this year.”

The Estars Lounge is open daily from noon until 9 p.m. It will be available for WSOP players until July 10.

That’s great, but what is Estars?

There’s no denying that the lounge is designed to spread the word about Estars. But, the astute will notice that Estars has not launched yet.

So, what is Estars, exactly? Well, it is a soon-to-be-released esports platform that will offer numerous gaming options for players around the world. Free to play, Estars will offer contests for virtual currency and real-money prizes.

The company’s “for gamers, by gamers” approach and the Estars’ Twitter account suggest a somewhat video game-centric bent will accompany the Estars’ platform. So, there will be competitions centered around popular video games such as Fortnite.

The truth is that the lounge will help spread the word about this upcoming esports platform. No doubt, there will be plenty more to come about Estars.

One caveat: Only Estars’ members can enter the lounge. Make sure to visit the Estars’ website and sign up if you’re planning to enter the area.

As a sweetener to sign up, Estars is pledging to alert those who pre-register about their upcoming “$25K Outlast Promotion.” New players could win a share of $25,000 and 25,000 stars, the latter of which is Estars’ exclusive virtual currency.

You should consider signing up. By the looks of things, the Estars Lounge will be a nice getaway from the grind of the WSOP. If you need a break, look for the signs at Rio’s Pavilion Room.

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