WSOP Summer Online Championships Head to PA, MI Markets With $400,000 Guaranteed

August 15, 2022
WSOP Summer Online Championships Head to PA, MI Markets With $400,000 Guaranteed

US online poker players in regulated markets have numerous tournaments on tap this August. also recently announced the Summer Online Championships running Aug. 16-30 in Michigan and Pennsylvania with more than $400,000 guaranteed across 45 events.

Buy-ins range from $20 to $500, making the festival affordable for players of all different bankrolls. The $109 Main Event is set for Aug. 28  and includes a $50,000 guarantee. The winner also earns an exclusive WSOP championship belt.

“I’m looking forward to the tournament this month on,” Pennsylvania Twitch streamer Michael Hammers says. “I am going to try and broadcast some events on my stream.”

What to expect from Summer Championships will host at least three events daily from 7-8 pm each night. No Limit Hold’em is the main format, but some Omaha tournaments are included as well. 

Tournament types include bounty events, progressive knockouts (PKO), deepstacks, and freezeouts. Besides the Main Event, some other highlights include:

  • $109 Deepstack (Event 6, Aug. 17) – $10,000 guaranteed
  • $30 PLO Six-Max (Event 19, Aug. 22) – $3,000 guaranteed
  • $215 NLHE Eight-Max (Event 22, Aug. 23) – $20,000 guaranteed
  • $109 Deepstack (Event 45, Aug. 30) – $15,000 guaranteed

Here is a look at the complete schedule:

2022 Summer Online Championships

Aug. 161NLHE$20$2,000
Aug. 162NLHE PKO$55$7,500
Aug. 163NLHE 8-max$109$15,000
Aug. 174NLHE$55$7,500
Aug. 175NLHE Freezeout$55$5,000
Aug. 176NLHE Deepstack$109$10,000
Aug. 187NLHE 6-max$20$2,000
Aug. 188NLHE$55$7,500
Aug. 189NLHE PKO$109$10,000
Aug. 1910NLHE Freezeout$25$2,000
Aug. 1911NLHE Turbo Deepstack$75$10,000
Aug. 1912NLHE$30$3,000
Aug. 2013NLHE Deepstack$30$3,000
Aug. 2014NLHE MonsterStack$109$15,000
Aug. 2015NLHE$55$7,500
Aug. 2116NLHE Turbo$30$3,000
Aug. 2117NLHE$109$35,000
Aug. 2118NLHE High Roller 6-max$500$20,000
Aug. 2219PLO 6-max$30$3,000
Aug. 2220NLHE$109$10,000
Aug. 2221NLHE 6-max$55$7,500
Aug. 2322NLHE High Roller 8-max$215$20,000
Aug. 2323NLHE$55$7,500
Aug. 2324NLHE 8-max$109$15,000
Aug. 2425NLHE PKO$30$3,000
Aug. 2426NLHE Deepstack$109$10,000
Aug. 2427NLHE Turbo$30$3,000
Aug. 2528NLHE$20$2,000
Aug. 2529NLHE 6-max$55$7,500
Aug. 2530NLHE Deepstack 6-max$109$10,000
Aug. 2631NLHE$30$3,000
Aug. 2632NLHE Freezeout$55$5,000
Aug. 2633PLO 6-max$109$5,000
Aug. 2734NLHE$25$2,000
Aug. 2735NLHE MonsterStack$109$15,000
Aug. 2736NLHE$55$7,500
Aug. 2837Main Event NLHE 8-max$109$50,000
Aug. 2838NLHE High Roller 8-max$500$20,000
Aug. 2839NLHE Turbo Deepstack$55$7,500
Aug. 2940NLHE PKO$75$7,500
Aug. 2941PLO 6-max$55$5,000
Aug. 2942NLHE Turbo Freezeout$55$5,000
Aug. 3043NLHE$20$2,000
Aug. 3044NLHE PKO$55$7,500
Aug. 3045NLHE 8-max$109$15,000

August Online Circuit Series continues is also running the Online Circuit Series from Aug. 12-23 alongside the Summer Championships. The festival includes 12 ring events and over $1 million guaranteed. 

The series is available on the shared player pool in Nevada and New Jersey. It also runs separately with different guarantees and events in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Click here for a look at the complete series.

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