Best Video Poker In Las Vegas 2019

Best Video Poker In Las Vegas 2019

Las Vegas is the best place to play video poker in the world. There are hundreds of machines in the Las Vegas Valley that return 100 percent or more when betting five coins and playing perfect strategy.

None of these devices are located on the Las Vegas Strip. Video poker players will need to take a trip downtown or to locals casinos to find the best video poker games in Las Vegas.

Where to go for best value video poker in Las Vegas

Station Casinos is home to most of the 100 percent or more video poker games in Las Vegas. These are advertised as Optimum Play machines.

These can be found at Red Rock Resort, Green Valley Ranch, Palace Station, Santa Fe Station, Boulder Station, as well as other properties under the Station Casinos umbrella. Many are found just inside entrances. Some are even in nonsmoking sections.

Station Casinos offers 100.76 percent Deuces Wild at many of its locations. The pay table returns 25 on a deuces royal flush, 15 on five of a kind, 9 on a straight flush, and 5 of four of a kind. This game is spread in the $.25 denomination.

Many Station Casinos properties also spread 10/7/5 Double Bonus, as well as two other Deuces Wild pay tables that return over 100 percent. These games are available in denominations up to $1.

Boulder Station and Santa Fe Station also spread 100.65 percent Joker Poker where four of a kind returns 20 to 1. Kings or better is the lowest pay on these Joker Poker machines. These games are only available in $.25 denominations.

Palms is another Nevada casino where players will find Full-Pay Deuces Wild. This game is only spread in quarters. Palms also spreads 10/7/5 Double Bonus Poker and 10/6 Double Double Bonus Poker. These games are available in quarters and half-dollars.

Downtown Las Vegas video poker

Some video poker players prefer downtown Las Vegas.

El Cortez offers Full-Pay Deuces Wild. Downtown gamblers will also find 10/7/5 Double Bonus Poker at Main Street Station, Plaza and El Cortez at the $.25 denomination. Las Vegas Club spreads $.25 and $.50 Full-Pay Joker Poker that returns 20 on quads, 7 on a full house, and 5 on a flush.

When to play games that offer lower returns

It can be better to play a lower return game due to the quality of the players club.

For example, games that return less than 100 percent at Station Casinos pay 0.3 percent in cash back or free play.

Regular players receive mailers that include multiplier days that can push the game above 100 percent. Seniors receive multipliers every Wednesday at Station Casinos.

Players visiting from other states may want to consider mailers and comps over immediate returns. Playing the 100 percent machines at places like Palms and Station Casinos are certain to damage the quality of mailers that are sent out.

Some players that exclusively give action to 100 percent video poker machines will likely stop receiving any offers by mail.

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