The Best Non-Gaming Las Vegas Attractions

The Best Non-Gaming Las Vegas Attractions

Las Vegas is known for its gambling, but modern day Las Vegas has grown well past being just a place to make a bet.

There are many other attractions for Las Vegas visitors these days.

In addition to being the largest convention city in the country, there are plenty of attractions that have nothing to do with gambling.


The Stratosphere is a casino just north of the Las Vegas Strip.

It is the tallest observation deck west of the Mississippi River. The view alone is worth the $20 admission ($14 for locals). Thrill seekers may want to splurge for the $35 admission fee for an unlimited ride pass on top of the Stratosphere.

Our favorite ride is Insanity. A 10-seat claw takes guests out over the edge of the observation deck 900 feet above Las Vegas Boulevard. The operator of Insanity can control the speed of the ride and directions, meaning no two rides are alike.

X-Scream is another ride that uses its height to its advantage. It is an eight-seat car that acts like it is going to throw guests off the side of the building.

The tamest ride on top of the Stratosphere is the Big Shot. It is a needle on the top floor that gives guests a view of Las Vegas at its highest point. The ride takes guests to the top quickly, and then goes up and down.

The most adventurous people may want to try the Sky Jump. This is a 106-story zip line off the side of the Stratosphere that takes its rider straight down. This ride starts at $120. There are discounts for locals and hotel guests.

The rides on the Stratosphere are not for everyone. There are also bars, a nightclub, and multiple restaurants at the top of the Stratosphere for those looking for a more low key night.

Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street is where Las Vegas rose from the Nevada desert more than 100 years ago.

In 1995, the city decided to close five blocks of Fremont Street to create the Fremont Street Experience. The pedestrian mall includes live music acts. There are headliners on some weekend nights in the summer.

There are plenty of bars along the Fremont Street Experience. There is an hourly light show at night on the world’s largest TV on the canopy nearly 100 feet above the sidewalks. Fremont Street Experience is also a great place for people watching.

Those not wanting to walk the length of the Fremont Street Experience can take the Slotzilla zip line from one side to the other.

There are two versions. The short zip line is $20, while the main attraction is $40.

Downtown Container Park

Just east of the Fremont Street Experience is the Downtown Container Park. This is a shopping area with restaurants and bars. It also includes a children’s tree house and playground.

Neon Boneyard

The Neon Boneyard is a museum where the Las Vegas past still lives. Old neon signs from the first Las Vegas casinos are on display.

The organization gives tours of the property daily. The Neon Boneyard is located just north of downtown Las Vegas.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is located at Paris Las Vegas in the middle of the Strip.

While it is only half the height of the Stratosphere, it is closer to the action. This includes Lake Bellagio, which is directly across the street. The Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas is the perfect place for the water show there.

Circus Circus

Circus Circus was one of the first family friendly attractions in Las Vegas. It offers a midway where circus acts are performed throughout the day.

It is also home to the Adventuredome. This is an amusement park that hosts roller coasters and other rides. Many rides are aimed at small children but there are plenty that teenagers and adults will find entertaining.

There is also laser tag in the Adventuredome.

Pinball Hall of Fame

The Pinball Hall of Fame is located on Tropicana Avenue east of the Las Vegas Strip.

It is home to more than 200 pinball machines, some of which date back to the 50’s. There are also more than 50 arcade games from the 80’s.

Most games at Pinball Hall of Fame are just $.25 to play.

Linq High Roller

Another option for a great view of Las Vegas is the High Roller at The Linq.

The High Roller goes 550 feet in the air and gives riders a spectacular view of the entire Las Vegas Valley. It costs $27 during the day and $37 at night.

Locals receive 50 percent off on Tuesdays.

Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium

The Mandalay Shark Reef and Aquarium offers 2,000 animals in 1.6 gallons of water. There are also premium activities like Dive with the Sharks and Animal Encounters.

General admission is $18 for adults and $12 for children.

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