NJ Online Poker Players Split $150,000 In 888poker BLAST Sit And Go

May 1, 2018
NJ Online Poker Players Split $150,000 In 888poker BLAST Sit And Go

Four online poker players in New Jersey won pieces of a $150,000 prize pool last week through the WSOP.com and 888poker network’s lottery sit and go game BLAST.

BLAST sit and go games are four-person super-turbo Texas Hold’em tournaments that randomly award prize pool multipliers of anywhere from two times to 10,000 times the buy-in. The multiplier is drawn randomly before play begins and is also used to determine the blinds and length of the tournament.

With all prize pool multipliers the blinds increase every two minutes. However, the bigger the multiplier, the more levels players will compete in before time runs out. Once it does, players are automatically forced to go all-in every hand until a winner is determined.

Having a BLAST

888poker BLAST

BLAST was developed by 888poker. Buy-ins range from as little as $0.10 all the way up to $30. As a result, prize pools can reach as high as $300,000.

All BLAST tournaments with a multiplier of 1,000 times or more feature six levels of play before players are forced all in. The winner earns 60 percent of the prize pool and the runner up collects 20 percent. The third-place and fourth-place finishers each receive 10 percent.

Smaller multipliers pay fewer players. In fact, in BLAST sit and go games with a two times multiplier, only the winner gets paid. In games with a five times multiplier, 70 percent of the prize pool goes to the winner and the runner-up earns 30 percent. Plus, in games with anywhere from a 10 times to 100 times multiplier, 60 percent of the prize pool goes to the winner, the runner-up earns 25 percent, and the third-place finisher grabs 15 percent.

Only BLAST sit and go games with a multiplier of over 1,000 pay all four players.

Multipliers are not revealed until registration is complete and the tournament begins.

Of course, the lower multipliers are the most commonly drawn. In fact, there’s a better than 50 percent chance (549,990 in 1 million) that a two times multiplier will be drawn. Plus, the five times multiplier is drawn with a frequency of 408,450 in 1 million. That means there’s a better than 95 percent chance players will draw a multiplier of five times or less.

A ten in 1 million shot

The maximum 10,000 times multiplier is drawn with a frequency of just 10 in 1 million. However, that’s exactly what happened to four $15 BLAST players on Thursday, April 26. They drew the 10,000 times multiplier and competed for pieces of a $150,000 prize pool.

In the end, two WSOP.com players won $15,000 each, taking third and fourth place. However, the lion’s share of the prize pool was scooped up by two 888poker players. The winner earned $90,000 and the runner-up collected $30,000.

888poker and WSOP.com in NJ

888poker originally launched in New Jersey under Bally’s internet gaming license. It struggled to gain market share due to poor brand recognition.

The site was brought under the Caesars Interactive Entertainment internet gaming license umbrella and began sharing player pools with WSOP.com in New Jersey in 2015.

The sites combine to lead the New Jersey market until PokerStars NJ launched in March 2016. The WSOP/888 network still manages to capture significant cash game market share at times. Plus, traffic is expected to increase significantly now that the sites are sharing player pools with the Nevada WSOP.com site and online poker sites using 888poker software in Delaware.

WSOP.com is a World Series of Poker branded online poker site. It operates in New Jersey under the Caesars Interactive Entertainment internet gaming license using 888poker software.

WSOP.com has been one of the most successful New Jersey online poker sites since it launched in November 2013. In terms of traffic and revenue, it was right behind the Borgata and partypokerNJ network at launch. It then took the market share lead when it began sharing player pools with 888poker in January 2015.

PokerStars now leads the New Jersey online poker market. However, traffic at WSOP.com in NJ often exceeds that of its top competitor.

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