Bad Beat Monthly: New Year Brings New Bad Beats Including Tough Luck for an NFL Legend, Quad Aces

February 1, 2023
Bad Beat Monthly: New Year Brings New Bad Beats Including Tough Luck for an NFL Legend, Quad Aces

It might be a new year but the bad beats keep rolling on in the poker world. The last month saw a huge hand involving an NFL Hall of Famer.

Another player actually was eliminated from a final table in what should have been a split pot. One online poker player also may have celebrated just a bit early.

Players may debate what a “bad beat” actually is, but it generally refers to a situation in which a player with a very strong hand loses to an opponent with what appears to be a much weaker hand that draws out to a winner.

Sometimes a bad beat might be a bad spot that’s simply unavoidable.  Each month USPoker highlights some of these unfortunate hands in the poker world, live and online. 

♠♠♠ Bad Beat Monthly offers a recap and highlights some bad beats at the poker tables. If you have a screenshot or video of a bad beat, please tag @USPoker on Twitter each month to be highlighted in Bad Beat Monthly. ♠♠♠

Hall of Famer takes big hit from cooler

It might be warm in the Bahamas right now, but players have seen some coolers. One hand recently at the PokerStars No Limit Hold’em Players Championship (PSPC) caused a couple players to have their tournament life cooled down in a heartbeat. 

NFL Hall of Fame Patriots and Raiders defensive lineman Richard Seymour thought he might have a chance with his Ace-King. He opened the action to 17,000 under the gun.

Ireland’s Sven McDermott found Aces one seat over and reraised to 48,000.

The action then folded around to the big blind. Brazilian player Thiago Nishijima looked down at Queens and shoved all in for 148,000. 

Seymour then re-shoved all in and received an instant call from McDermott. The flop brought a small sweat for the table with J-10-4.

McDemott faded a Queen and stacked up by eliminating two players. This hand was definitely a cooler for Seymour and Nishijima. 

WSOP player gets chopped out of the tournament 

In an unexpected scenario at the World Series of Poker Circuit event at King’s Casino in the Czech Republic, a player was eliminated from the main event in a hand that was actually a chopped pot.

German player Pierre Kauert was mistakenly eliminated in fifth place during a heads-up hand. The game was streamed live and the pot in question was for 2.2 million chips.

The players were all in preflop, with a player named Lupo (first name not available) showing K J  and Kauert with Js10h. The flop came A Q 6 and the turn was J , giving both players a pair. However, Lupo’s kicker was superior at the moment.

The river card, the 6 , paired the board, but unfortunately, it went unnoticed that the hand was a chopped pot. The incident was caught on video by a poker fan on Twitter, but now some are debating whether players at the table spoke up when the hand happened. Watch and judge for yourself.

PokerStars Zooms a bad beat

In online poker, a PokerStars international player thought he might have hit a bad beat jackpot in a Zoom Pot Limit Omaha match, but fell silent after he realized none was in play. 

In the hand “Abschaum182” hit a royal flush on a board that read 10 6 A K A . As excited as he was this turned out to be a bad beat for “$ilentboy” who held A 8 J A . The quad Aces went down in flames.



US bad beat jackpot tracker

Many poker rooms use the bad beat jackpot promotion. A portion of each cash game pot is contributed to the jackpot. When a strong hand, such as quads, loses to an even stronger hand, the jackpot is activated and results in a significant payout.

The player who loses the hand typically receives the majority of the jackpot, with the winner and other players at the table also receiving a share.

Here are some current top bad beat jackpots from across the country as of Jan 28.

  1. MGM Grand (Detroit Michigan) – $478,635
  2. Rivers Casino (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) – $347,835
  3. Santa Fe Station (Las Vegas) – $278,800
  4. Foxwoods Casino (Connecticut) – $204,021
  5. Mohegan Sun (Poconos, Pennsylvania) – $136,784
  6. Parx Casino (Bensalem, Pennsylvania) – $135,798
  7. Maryland Live Casino (Hanover, Maryland) – $100,000
  8. Borgata Casino ( Atlantic City, New Jersey) – $100,000
  9. Mount Airy (Poconos, Pennsylvania) – $90,348
  10. Mohegan Sun (Uncasville, Connecticut) – $79,820
  11. Rivers Casino (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – $50,000
  12. Tropicana/Harrahs ( Atlantic City, New Jersey) – $10,000

International bad beat jacxkpots

Traveling abroad? Over in the United Kingdom, Grosvenor Casinos have a nationwide jackpot that can be hit at any of their casinos when quad 4’s can be beaten. The jackpot currently stands at £250,000

Largest bad beat jackpot of all time

The current all time record for the biggest live poker bad beat jackpot in history took place on Aug. 28 2022, at Rivers Casino Pittsburgh for $1.2 million.

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