BUILDING AND BOOMING: Global Poker Continues Adding Events and Features to Platform

June 10, 2020
BUILDING AND BOOMING: Global Poker Continues Adding Events and Features to Platform

It’s been a huge few months for Global Poker. After some massive tournament series, the sweepstakes poker site continues adding to its platform.

In recent weeks that has included new daily events as well as other interesting promotions and features. That has ranged from enhancements of its browser-based poker system to the addition of bounty tournaments and more. Here’s a look at what’s going on at Global Poker.

Global Poker revamps gaming platform

Players heading to the tables in recent weeks probably noticed some changes. The new Global Poker software has a slightly new look and still in beta testing.

The revamp has included some brightened table themes and avatars appear to be a bit larger. Tournament lobbies appear more organized and players will find some nice filtering options.

The new look has also made the custom bet feature a bit easier. Players can now type in their bet and press “enter” or “return” on a keyboard to input that action. Taking notes on players is also a simple process.

Added changes include fixing some game alerts and sound effect synchronization issues. Global’s platform can also easily be played on a mobile device.

The site continues to work on its product and players can also still opt in to the classic version as well. Global is a safe social gaming alternative for US players.

Bounty tournaments now part of the Global Poker mix

After already adding more daily events, Global has also begun offering bounty tournaments. These popular tournaments allow for everyone to grab a little cash whether making it in the money or not.

Bounties offer some added fun to the action. Those new to these events should know that a percentage of each buy-in goes toward the bounty pool.

In a bounty tournament, simply eliminate an opponent and win that player’s bounty too. Here’s a look at the Global Poker bounty percentages of each buy-in:

  • Bounty – 20% to the bounty pool
  • Super Bounty – 50% to the bounty pool
  • Total Bounty – 100% to the bounty pool

In addition, Global Poker is offering two different types of bounty events. In the “classic” format, part of each buy-in is placed on players’ heads.

A player eliminating another player simply earns the bonus. The overall winner keeps his or her own bonus.

In a “progressive” bounty, when a player knocks out another player that player only receives half the bounty. The other half is then added to the winning player’s own bounty.

This increases the bounty on that player’s head and makes better players more of a target. These are sometimes referred to as PKO (progressive knockout) tournaments and can be a lot of fun.

Even more tournaments added to the daily schedule

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, Global Poker has surged in popularity among players across the US and Canada. The site has moved to meet demand by offering even more daily and weekly events with major guarantees.

The site offers something for every bankroll and here’s a look at some of the site’s tournaments throughout the week.

Global Poker 2020 Weekly Tournaments

EventTournament EntryTime (ET)
Daily SC500 Guaranteed [6-Max]
SC 22.003:30 p.m.
Daily SC500 Guaranteed [1R1A]SC3.304 p.m.
Daily SC100 Guaranteed [6-Max, Turbo]SC 3.304:30 p.m.
Daily SC1,250 Guaranteed [Deep]SC116 p.m.
Deep Eleven SC6,000 Guaranteed [Deep]
SC116 p.m.
Deep Six Dive SC8,500 Guaranteed [6-Max, Deep]
SC556:45 p.m.
Daily SC1,000 GuaranteedSC227:30 p.m.
The Brawl SC15,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy]SC5.508 p.m.
Daily SC7,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy]SC5.508 p.m.
Triple Threat SC20,000 Guaranteed [2R1A]SC338:30 p.m.
Daily SC10,000 Guaranteed [2R1A]SC338:30 p.m.
Daily SC4,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC559 p.m.
Tuesday Tussle SC10,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC1109 p.m.
Thursday Throttle SC7,500 Guaranteed [Turbo]SC1109 p.m.
Daily SC2,000 Guaranteed [1R1A]SC22.009:30 p.m.
Daily PLO SC500 Guaranteed [2R1A, 6-Max]SC119:40 p.m.
Deep Freeze SC10,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC5510 p.m.
Daily SC1,500 Guaranteed [6-Max]SC3310 p.m.
Daily SC1,500 Guaranteed [1R1A, 6-Max]SC2210:30 p.m.
Daily SC3,000 Guaranteed [1R1A]
SC1111 p.m.
The Cubed SC5,000 Guaranteed [1R1A]SC1111 p.m.
Daily SC 500 GuaranteedSC2211:30 PM
NightCap SC3,000 Guaranteed [Hyper-Turbo]SC21.40midnight
Night Shift SC2,000 Guaranteed [Big Ante, Turbo]SC2212:30 a.m.
Night Owl SC2,000 Guaranteed [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo]
SC21.401 a.m.
Night Out SC1,500 Guaranteed [Hyper-Turbo]
SC21.401:30 a.m.
Saturday Swish SC6,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC555:30 p.m.
Sunday Teaser SC 20,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC1103 p.m.
Sunday – Weekend SC1,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy, Turbo]SC5.503:45 p.m.
Sunday Scrimmage SC 50,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC2185:30 p.m.

Newsletter freerolls offer a shot at free cash

Everybody likes a shot at some free cash. Global Poker offers players just that opportunity. Players would be wise to check their inbox each week for a chance to enter the Newsletter Freebuy.

This freeroll features SC1,500 up for grabs and available for players. Simply click a link in the email newsletter to register for this event.

Players can also take advantage of unlimited rebuys for SC1 and an add-on for SC1. This event offers plenty of fun at a bargain price.

How does Global Poker work and where can you play?

Global Poker is a unique sweepstake poker site available to players in the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec). More of a social gaming-style site, players can play for free with a virtual currency called Gold Coins (GC).

Those who purchase more Gold Coins receive Sweeps Coins (SC) as a bonus. These can also be used in separate tournaments and ring games. They can also be redeemed for cash prizes and gift cards

The site is a great social poker option giving players the chance to win real money.

For a complete Global Poker review including an exclusive sign-up bonus of 5,000 Gold Coins, click here.

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