Global Poker Review for US Online Poker Players

American poker players who don’t live in a state with regulated online poker can play online for free and win cash prizes with Global Poker. Global Poker offers an easy-to-access lobby and gameplay.

The Best Social Poker Room in the USA
The Best Social Poker Room in the USA
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Global Poker Review
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Global Poker welcome offer: FREE Sweeps Coins.

New players signing up for an account at Global Poker will receive a small amount of free coins to get started. However, the best deal that new players get is using Global Poker promo code FLUSH. With that promo code during your first purchase, you get a massive discount. Here’s a look at what you receive:

  • 150,000 Gold Coins for only $10 (over 65% discount)
  • 30 FREE Sweeps Coins.

If you want to go even bigger, you can also get 200,000 Gold Coins for $20 (normally $40). This purchase unlocks 40 FREE Sweeps Coins.

Again, use Global Poker promo code FLUSH during the purchasing process to get these discounts.

Global Poker App & Software

Global Poker uses its own custom-made poker software, which incorporates its patented sweepstakes technology. The site does not have an iOS or Android app, but it really doesn’t need one, since its entire operation is browser-based.

Poker games at Global Poker

Global Poker offers four different varieties of games to its players. They are:
global poker online

  • No-Limit Hold’em
  • Limit Hold’em
  • Pot-Limit Omaha
  • No-Limit Crazy Pineapple

Beyond the games offered, Global Poker caters to players of every bankroll. That includes Sweeps Coins games starting at tournament entries of SC1 and going up to SC1000.

Tournaments are also fun with plenty of SC0.50+5 sit and go’s available. These limits go all the way up to SC50+5.

The daily tournaments offer plenty of tournament entry levels and a chance at some really nice Sweeps Coins returns on investment. The site also offers plenty of daily freeroll action for those who spend some time playing ring game hands, either in Sweeps Coins or Gold Coins.

While Global Poker doesn’t offer a “private game” feature to set up a game with just your friends, you can often find plenty of empty tables where you can sit and play poker online free with friends.

Global Poker Jackpot Sit’n’Gos

Global Poker recently implemented jackpot sit’n’gos (JSNGs). These fast-paced tournaments allow players to take a shot at a big payday in very little time.

JSNGs are three-person tournaments with scant 3-minute blind levels. The three players compete in a winner-take-all match for a random prizepool.

Prize pools are determined just prior to the beginning of the game. They are multiples of the players’ tournament entries, ranging from 2x to 2000x.

global poker jackpot sngThe 2000x level is also called the jackpot level. This highest payout is the only JSNG that pays each player something – the winner receives 75 percent, the runner-up 15 percent, and the third-place finisher 10 percent.

Of course, the probability of playing at the jackpot level is much rarer than playing at lower limits. Only 2 out of every 100,000 JSNGs will proceed at this tier.

Still, players now have the ability to win thousands of Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins in less than ten minutes.

Global Poker Advantages

  • Global Poker is available to those in the U.S and Canada, except Washington, Michigan, and Quebec (Idaho is Gold Coin only.)
  • A robust social coin system (Gold Coins) allows players to work on their games.
  • The browser-based site is quite easy to use.
  • The tournament, ring game lobbies, and game play work very fluidly.
  • The tournament lobby has everything players have come to expect – statistics, number of players left, average chip stacks, payouts, etc. It’s all listed in an easy to follow format.
  • It’s just fun. The avatars are cool and offer several options. The table and backgrounds are bright and can be changed to one of several options – from “casino” view to the set of a high-stakes “TV table.”
  • Purchasing Gold Coins, with bonus Sweeps Coins, is simple.

Global Poker Disadvantages

  • The time clock moves fairly quickly, so pay attention and be prepared.
  • The chat and hand review boxes could also be larger and better laid out. However, the play on the virtual felt in general is fun and easy.

Global Poker Online Review

Global Poker Quick Review
  • Traffic
  • Depth of Game Selection
  • Software
  • Customer Support
  • Promotional Value


Global Poker offers players entry into its unique online poker promotional sweepstakes model that can be funded through WorldPay, making it easy to play online poker for cash prizes at Global Poker.

What type of tournaments are offered at Global Poker?

The Global Poker Home Series has recorded record numbers for the site.In March 2020, Global Poker added significantly to its weekly tournament schedule. After beefing up its weekend schedule, Global also added several evening events. These events include some nice five-figure guarantees and include:

  • Monday Melee – SC15,000 Guaranteed [2X Entries]
  • Tuesday Tussle – SC25,000 Guaranteed [Deep]
  • Wednesday Wipeout – SC15,000 Guaranteed [Big Ante]
  • Thursday Throttle – SC15,000 Guaranteed [Turbo]
  • Friday Flash – SC15,000 Guaranteed [6-Max, Turbo]
  • Saturday Swift – SC15,000 Guaranteed [Ante Up, Turbo]
  • Sunday Six – SC15,000 Guaranteed [6-Max, Deep]

The site has ramped up its daily offerings including its new “NightCap” series for nighttime players. Here’s a look at the complete slate of new dailies:

EventTournament EntryTime (ET)
Daily SC500 Guaranteed [6-Max]
SC 22.003:30 p.m.
Daily SC500 Guaranteed [1R1A]SC3.304 p.m.
Daily SC100 Guaranteed [6-Max, Turbo]SC 3.304:30 p.m.
Daily SC1,250 Guaranteed [Deep]SC116 p.m.
Deep Eleven SC6,000 Guaranteed [Deep]
SC116 p.m.
Deep Six Dive SC8,500 Guaranteed [6-Max, Deep]
SC556:45 p.m.
Daily SC1,000 GuaranteedSC227:30 p.m.
The Brawl SC15,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy]SC5.508 p.m.
Daily SC7,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy]SC5.508 p.m.
Triple Threat SC20,000 Guaranteed [2R1A]SC338:30 p.m.
Daily SC10,000 Guaranteed [2R1A]SC338:30 p.m.
Daily SC4,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC559 p.m.
Tuesday Tussle SC10,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC1109 p.m.
Thursday Throttle SC7,500 Guaranteed [Turbo]SC1109 p.m.
Daily SC2,000 Guaranteed [1R1A]SC22.009:30 p.m.
Daily PLO SC500 Guaranteed [2R1A, 6-Max]SC119:40 p.m.
Deep Freeze SC10,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC5510 p.m.
Daily SC1,500 Guaranteed [6-Max]SC3310 p.m.
Daily SC1,500 Guaranteed [1R1A, 6-Max]SC2210:30 p.m.
Daily SC3,000 Guaranteed [1R1A]
SC1111 p.m.
The Cubed SC5,000 Guaranteed [1R1A]SC1111 p.m.
Daily SC 500 GuaranteedSC2211:30 PM
NightCap SC3,000 Guaranteed [Hyper-Turbo]SC21.40midnight
Night Shift SC2,000 Guaranteed [Big Ante, Turbo]SC2212:30 a.m.
Night Owl SC2,000 Guaranteed [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo]
SC21.401 a.m.
Night Out SC1,500 Guaranteed [Hyper-Turbo]
SC21.401:30 a.m.
Saturday Swish SC6,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC555:30 p.m.
Sunday Teaser SC 20,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC1103 p.m.
Sunday – Weekend SC1,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy, Turbo]SC5.503:45 p.m.
Sunday Scrimmage SC 50,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC2185:30 p.m.

Redemptions at Global Poker

Currently, Global Poker accepts a wide variety of purchase and redemption options. At this point, players can use Visa or Mastercard through Worldpay to purchase Gold Coins and be get FREE Sweeps Coins at times. They can now use Skrill, Rapid Transfer, and ACH E-check transfers.

Cash prize will arrive straight to your account once you provide details. Redeeming also requires players to provide photo identification and proof of address. Players can redeem their cash prize to their account or choose among gift cards to outlets like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and numerous others.

Global Poker player rewards and promotions

  • New players using Global Poker promo code FLUSH get 150,000 Gold Coins for only $10 plus 30 FREE Sweeps Coins
  • Freeroll tournaments and promotional leaderboards offering players the chance to earn extra Gold Coins.
  • There are also opportunities to purchase different avatars.
  • Major tournament series also offer some added rewards – trophies, swag gear bags, and even opportunities to play in major live tournament events.

Global Poker FAQ

What is the Global Poker welcome bonus in June 2024?

New players who sign up with Global Poker here and/or use the Global Poker bonus code FLUSH get 150,000 Gold Coins for only $10 plus 30 FREE Sweeps Coins

How does the Global Poker promotional sweepstakes model work?

Global Poker sells a virtual tokens called Gold Coins. These are virtual chips which players can accumulate and play with. However, they are not redeemable for cash prizes.

When a player purchases Gold Coins on the site, they are given bonus sweepstakes prizes in the form of Sweeps Coins. The Sweeps Coins can be used to enter Sweeps Coins tournaments and ring games on the site. Any Sweeps Coins accumulated or won can be redeemed as cash prizes through WorldPay.

What sets Global Poker apart from the competition?

Global Poker works with WorldPay, one of the most trusted and easily accessible online money transfer sites in the world. Ultimately, Global Poker’s ability to offer US customers in 48 states safe and secure online poker with a recognizable and easily accessible banking option sets it apart from its otherwise questionable competition.

How long does it take to redeem my prize on Global Poker?

Global Poker requires ID verification when a player requests their first redemption to make sure the cash prize ends up in the right hands. Once documents are sent in, the site endeavors to verify them as soon as possible. Global Poker says the redemption process depends on whether or not the correct form of identification has been sent through. However, it normally takes about five days for verification and an additional five days for the prize to be processed to your bank account via WorldPay.

Documents that can be used for ID verification include:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • National/State ID
  • Other government issued ID

Documents that can be used for proof of address include:

  • Utility Bill
  • Notarized lease agreement
  • Bank statements
  • Medical insurance

What’s the rake?

Many players may be curious about the rake for playing at the site. The Sweeps Coins ring games feature a 5 percent rake. However, there are caps in place depending on the numbers of players.

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