Cantor Gaming App Causing Trouble for Adelson Camp

December 11, 2013
Cantor Gaming App Causing Trouble for Adelson Camp

The Cantor Gaming app advertised on the Venetian website came up during Tuesday’s House subcommittee hearing that discussed the Poker Freedom Act.  The hypocritical position of opposing online gaming while at the same time allowing Cantor Gaming to advertise its mobile apps on the Venetian and Palazzo websites was mentioned by committee members.

The Venetian and Palazzo are owned by Las Vegas Sands.  Sheldon Adelson is Chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands.  Andy Abboud, Senior Vice President of the company, was a witness at this hearing.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) first brought up the connection between Las Vegas Sands and Cantor Gaming, a tenant that provides mobile betting through its Venetian and Palazzo sports books.  After making the connection, Rep. Schakowsky stated “It feels to me a little hypocritical”.  The issue came up again when Rep. Joe Barton, the sponsor of the bill, showed slides of the Venetian website that included promotional material for these apps.

What are these Cantor Gaming Apps Being Mentioned?

Cantor Gaming offers two different mobile products.  There is a casino game app that allows players to wager on casino games through a mobile device as long as they are on the host property.  The app only works while the device is on a resort serviced by Cantor Gaming.

A more popular app among Nevadans is the Cantor Gaming Sports app.  It allows players to place wagers on sporting events anywhere in Nevada on a phone or tablet.  This gives players the convenience of placing sports wagers without having to visit the brick and mortar sports book to buy the ticket and redeem winning ones.  This has become popular among locals that often avoid casinos, especially ones on or near the Strip serviced by Cantor Gaming.  Players must make the account in person and deposit with cash at a Cantor Gaming sports book.

Cantor Gaming is not the only company that offers online and mobile sports betting.  Station Casinos, South Point and William Hill all offer this service through affiliated brick and mortar sports books.  While Cantor requires players to enter their property to make a cash deposit, William Hill will send a runner to pick up deposits of $500 or more, according to its website.  Station Casinos accepts Visa and Mastercard for deposits and also offers a website for placing sports wagers.

Who is Cantor Gaming?

Cantor Gaming is a well respected sports book in Nevada.  It is owned by Cantor Fitzgerald, a global financial services company located in New York.  The company entered the Nevada market in 2006 claiming to accept any sports wager.  Floyd Mayweather has bragged about his large bets with Cantor Gaming via Twitter over the years, including a $1 million bet against Tim Tebow in 2011 placed at the M Resort.

Some players have reported being backed off by Cantor Gaming in the past year.  Prominent sports bettor Billy Walters told Betting Talk in September that his big action was still accepted and that big players “better pray that Cantor Gaming doesn’t go away”.

Cantor Gaming brought mobile gaming to Nevada.  It seems apparent that Cantor supports online and mobile betting.  Their relationship with Las Vegas Sands is strictly tenancy at Venetian and Palazzo, where it operates Lagasse’s Stadium, arguably the most prestigious sports book in Las Vegas.

While online poker advocates and House committee members have been quick to point out the hypocrisy of Las Vegas Sands allowing mobile apps on its properties, the apps are legal and widely used in Nevada.

Cantor Gaming did not respond to a request for comment.

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