Citizens Backing AGA as it Faces More Setbacks

October 5, 2011

For the past two weeks, the American Gaming Association (AGA) has been fighting to legalize online poker in the U.S. again. It has had a tough time getting their message across to the legislators. The AGA has a number of roadblocks to overcome and is trying to make more persuasive arguments.

The AGA has been telling politicians from day one that regulating the industry would reduce fraud. Their message has been met with skepticism. Now the AGA has a new obstacle to overcome: the Full Tilt scandal.
After executives at Full Tilt were accused of operating a global Ponzi scheme, many politicians were more adamant than ever that online poker should remain illegal.

The Full Tilt scandal has forced the AGA to adapt a new strategy. Before the media came up with the Full Tilt case, the AGA focused on the economic benefits of legalizing online poker. They now have the added burden of convincing politicians that regulating online poker would help reduce fraud.

Many citizens are ready to stand behind the AGA on its quest to legalize online poker. They want to remind the government that the problems arose when it insisted on regulating the industry in the first place. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006 has created more problems than we can count. Unfortunately, the government hasn’t been listening very carefully to players or lobbyists.

The AGA realizes it needs to work with players and other lobbyists to help get through to Congress. Recently, the Poker Player’s Alliance created a petition to legalize online poker. The PPA was able to get over 5,000 signatures in only 3 days. Other polls have been conducted to assess voters’ feelings on online poker. The growing consensus has been that over 50% of players want the industry regulated.

Clearly, there are plenty of voters who feel passionate about legalizing online poker. The AGA wants to remind players that the government works for the people. The sentiments towards legalizing online poker should convince the government that it is in their best interest to stop criminalizing the industry. The AGA hopes the government will hear them out.

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