PPA Petitions Obama Administration to Legalize Online Poker

September 29, 2011

The Poker Player’s Alliance is spearheading an online petition campaign in an attempt to garner attention from President Obama regarding online poker legislation.  The White House asked citizens to submit petitions at their official website of whitehouse.gov for serious issues that affect the country.  If at least 5,000 signatures are received, it is promised that White House staffers and policy makers will look over the petition and a response will be given.

The petition was posted by Drew Lesofski, the PPA’s director of grassroots and external affairs.  It petitions the Obama Administration to “protect consumers, create jobs, and generate revenue by licensing and regulating online poker.”  At the time of writing this article, there are 6,996 signature on the petition.  Users must register for an account with Whitehouse.gov in order to sign a petition.  Also, if a significant number of petitions are submitted, the number of required signatures may be raised.  Users have until October 22nd to sign.

PPA vice-president of player relations Rich Muny stated, “What we really want is to show the administration that a lot of people care about this liberty.  We want it to always be in their heads that poker is in the top-tier of Americans’ interests. To me, that is more important than what response we get from the administration.”

In addition, he stated, “It’s very important for everyone in the community to participate.  We want to stay above any bar they choose. It’s very gratifying that the White House thought a good proposal would take 30 days to get 5,000 votes and we did it in three days. That shows the strength of our community. More votes will increase our priority in getting an answer. Every additional signature is an important one.”

At present, there are 100 petitions online and numerous petitions are above the total for the online poker legislation petition.  Some of the those include petitions to:

Legalize and Regulate Marajuana in Manner Similar to Alcohol

Legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana

Stop Interfering with State Marijuana Legalization Efforts

Allow Industrial Hemp to be Grown in the U.S. Once Again

Remove “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance

Remove “In God We Trust” from Currency

Remove tax exemptions from churches

Restore democracy by ending corporate personhood

Abolish the TSA

Forgive Student Loan Debt

Reallocate Defense Funds to Nasa

Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act

End the War on Drugs0

Give states the freedom to establish marijuana laws

Dissolve the electoral college

Make election days national holidays

With so many petitions already above the 5,000 limit, poker players that have not already signed should do so to make their voices heard.  The number of petitions and votes will surely go up in the days and weeks ahead, so if you want a say in this matter, sign the petition.



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