Delaware Online Poker Better Than You Might Think

September 23, 2014
Delaware Online Poker Better Than You Might Think

Delaware has become been on the receiving end of more than a few jokes in the online poker world due to its tiny player pool. Poker spread by the Delaware Lottery raked $31,391 in July, the last month if available records. That is about $1,000 per day.

Delaware Poker averages about seven cash game players at any given time, according to PokerScout. It peaks at about 30 players daily. There are many hours each day where there are no games at all.

This may seem like a site that should be avoided due to the lack of action. That is not necessarily the case.

The six-max No Limit Texas Hold’em tables are the center of the cash game action. There are games at $.01/$.02, $.05/$.10 and $.25/$.50 blinds during the evening hours. A second table at one of these limits during this time is not out of the question. Games at $.50/$1 and $1/$2 get off the ground from time to time.

The game selection is not the best, but the available games are.

Most Delaware online poker games have average pots of 20 big blinds or more. The flop percents start at 40% and often run into the 50 or 60 percent range. Compare this to Nevada online poker six-max games where 15 big blind pot averages would be considered juicy and 10-12 big blind pots are common. The flop percents in Nevada games are usually in the 15-25 percent range. A flop percentage in the 30’s would be considered a great game.

Multi table tournaments receive some action. There several guaranteed tournaments each day with prize pools starting at $150 and capping at the daily $650 guarantee with a $25 buyin. These tournaments tend to draw 20-25 players. There are a few freerolls each day that tend to reach about 40 entrants.

Sit and gos are an entirely different story. There is virtually no action at these single table tournaments. Players may find a heads up sit and go under $5 running during peak hours.

Another issue with Delaware’s online gaming is its online casino game selection. Blackjack and roulette are the only table games available. Jacks or Better is the only video poker game title. Proprietary table and video poker games are not spread. There are only 13 slot titles in the software suite.

Delaware online poker is not the complete failure some feel it is. If anything, the loose games should make up for some of the other issues. The merger of Delaware and Nevada player pools is expected in the next six months. This should help draw more depositors to the site and increase the available number of games. It may also help improve the game quality available to Nevada players.

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