April Showered A Little Cash On Delaware Online Poker, Casino Came Up Short

May 26, 2015
April Showered A Little Cash On Delaware Online Poker, Casino Came Up Short

The Delaware Internet Lottery April numbers are in.

While poker improved over the previous month, casino games posted some of the worst numbers in more than one year.

Delaware poker revenue

April poker rake on the Delaware regulated sites came in at $48,552.

This was up 11 percent over the previous month. April was the first full month during which Delaware was networked with Nevada WSOP.com.

Even with exponentially more tables available, Delaware failed to post numbers better than any of its first seven months in operation.

However, it was the best showing since May 2014.

Delaware casino revenue

Table game revenue and handle dropped sharply in April. Players wagered just $1.35 million at blackjack and roulette last month.

That was the worst outcome since January 2014.

The Delaware Internet Lottery won just $15,563 off those table games in April. That was down 70 percent from March. That was the poorest showing for online table games since the Delaware Internet Lottery launched in November 2013.

Slots and video poker posted better numbers. The win from these games was $68,038, up 34 percent from March.

The total combined revenues from all Delaware Internet Lottery games in April were $132,154. That was down 10 percent from the previous month.

The numbers are even worse when compared to April 2014.

Total revenues were down 45 percent from the previous year. Poker was down 35 percent. Casino game revenues dropped 60 percent year-over-year. Delaware Internet Lottery revenues peaked in April 2014 at $240,762.

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