Holiday Gift Guide: Wrap Up the Perfect Present for a Poker Player

December 12, 2019
Holiday Gift Guide: Wrap Up the Perfect Present for a Poker Player

The holiday season is here and the shopping continues with only days left before Christmas. Many may have a poker player in their lives and looking for that perfect gift idea.

Whether you’re doing the shopping or looking something nice as a poker player yourself, here a few ideas for items to go under the tree.

And if a gift card to PokerStars or sounds nice, just a quick note. They don’t offer those, so take advantage of other bonus offers for some holiday card playing.

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Perfect for online poker

Your online poker warrior needs a weapon for conquering his foes. Why not go over the top? The 16-inch Macbook Pro features brilliant graphics and design, and tons of computing power. The retina display makes watching movies or YouTube an otherworldly experience. When it comes to a computer, go big and hopefully win big.

  • Starting at $2,399

Poker chip sets

Beers and bluffs

Craft brews are all the rage and this chip set is perfect for that poker-playing beer enthusiast. The chips feature six chip denominations dedicated to differing beer types including: Belgian, Lager, Hefeweizen, Pale Ale, IPA, and Stout.

Each set comes with two decks of cards and everything comes in a tin in the shape of … what else? A beer bottle. Glug, glug.

  • $19.99

The mafia in the poker room

Fans of The Godfather and Goodfellas will be perfect recipients for these collector’s chips. The 200-chip set will make a player feel like they’ve entered a back room game run by the mob. 

Individual chips feature infamous gangsters like Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano, and Al Capone. The set also comes up with some brilliantly designed black cards with gold and silver backs. The whole set fittingly comes in a tin designed like a bottle of bootleg whiskey. Turn that poker room into a speakeasy for the next poker night – but leave the guns away from the table. 

  • $19.99

Playing cards

Faded Spade

These cards have grown in popularity in recent years and feature cards specifically designed to poker. They include brilliant redesigns of all card faces and the Version 2.0 cards allow more card flexibility. Faded Spade plastic cards are extremely durable and long lasting.

  • $21.99 for two decks

Train the brain

Help that player in your life gain an edge on his or her opponents. Here are a couple ideas for sharpening those poker skills.

Think like a pro with WPTLearn

Help your player get his or her game together with LearnWPT’s new  GTO Trainer. Players can fix leaks by playing through hundreds of solved hands per hour. Learn from some of the best, with poker pros Nick Binger, Andrew Lichtenberger, and others offering insight. LearnWPT also offers live workshops.

  • Prices for online training and live workshops vary

Become a satellite superstar

The new book Poker Satellite Strategy by Dara O’Kearney and Barry Carter will help players get their game in order. Whether at a live table or playing online, this book offers advice on winning those satellite entries. Earn a shot at some big money for a bargain price.

  • $24 ($9.99 ebook)

Staying warm in a cold poker room

The Rio is notoriously cold during the World Series of Poker. From Las Vegas to Atlantic City, players have experienced plenty of frigid conditions in the poker room. Here are a couple ideas for curtailing the cold.

HotHands Hand Warmers

While a trip to the poker room brings hopes of some hot hands, these take that to a different level. These air-activated heat packs will keep those hands warm as you focus on catching a heater at the table.

  • $9.99 for a 10-pack

Heat it up in a hoodie

No poker gift guide would be complete without a cardplayer’s coat of armor – the hoodie. Badbeat Clothing offers some interesting designs when it comes to T-shirts and hoodies.

So unique in fact that the company even offers this sweatshirt dedicated to Badugi. Grab your headphones and throw this on for that next mixed game. Badbeat offers several other hoodies featuring games other than Texas Hold’em. Go all in – hood off or on.


Page turners

There are plenty of great books offering an interesting trip into the world of poker. Here are a few to check out:

  • Pulling the Trigger ($24.95) by longtime pro Eli Elezra offers a trip to poker’s biggest stages. Readers may enjoy reading about his other adventures even more. That includes time in the wilds of Alaska and as a member of the Israeli Defense Forces.
  • Bluff ($26.99) – This novel by Jane Stanton Hitchcock mixes poker, mystery, high society, and murder. The book is a fictional take on her 72-year-old New Yorker poker player and socialite’s own life. It’s truly an interesting read and will have you Googling her real life.

Poker on the go

Travelpro Versapack Global Carry-On

Life on the road as a tournament player isn’t easy. A shot at poker glory can include long flights and hours spent in airports. Why not make that poker gift a way to relieve some of that stress?

This bag is expandable with plenty of pockets. That includes a padded pocket perfect for a laptop. A USB port provides a phone power up – perfect for some online poker while waiting on a plane.

  • $166.49

Douguyan Unisex Messenger Bag

Phone charger, check. Healthy snack, check. Lotion and lip balm – check, check. This messenger bag is perfect for everything you might need at the tables.

Maybe even throw in the laptop or iPad when playing at PokerStars or another online site when away from home. This bag is fairly inexpensive and fits the bill. It offers plenty of room and pockets for devices, as well as a cool look. Load up and bring your A game.

  • $31.99
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