After A 7 Month Absence, The Linq Poker Room Reopens In Las Vegas

August 25, 2015
After A 7 Month Absence, The Linq Poker Room Reopens In Las Vegas

The Linq poker room reopened today at 11am after a seven-month hiatus. The room originally closed on January 18. It did not take long for local poker players to speculate that it would eventually reopen.

There are four poker tables at The Linq. They are located in the area that once hosted dealertainers by the south Strip entrance to the property. It is the exact location where the poker tables were at the front of O’Sheas before it was closed in April 2012 during the redevelopment of the property.

O’Sheas reopened in December 2013 in a new location behind its former one. The new O’Sheas does not host a poker room.

Games and tournaments available at the Linq poker room

There will be four daily $45 No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments. The times are 11am, 3pm, 8pm and 11pm.

The main cash game is No Limit Texas Hold’em with both a small and big blind of $1. The minimum buyin is $50. The cap is $300. This is the smallest No Limit Hold’em cash game on the Las Vegas Strip.

It was the main game at The Linq before the room closed earlier this year. There will also be a $1/$3 No Limit Hold’em game spread with a $100 minimum and no cap if there is interest. The Linq poker room will deal any other game if there are enough players.

The Linq’s poker room will reopen with lower rake than it had before. The cap will be $4. The room previously raked up to $5.

Two other Nevada Caesars Entertainment properties – Caesars Palace and Harrah’s – lowered the max rake from $5 to $4 in recent years. Harrah’s did so immediately after The Linq’s poker room closed.

There will be a $1 jackpot drop. This will fund a high hand promotion. Players that make four of a kind with a pocket pair will receive $50. A straight flush pays $100 and a royal flush pays $200 if the player uses both hole cards to make the hand.

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