Nevada Online Poker Revenues Drop 14.5 Percent in April

May 28, 2014
Nevada Online Poker Revenues Drop 14.5 Percent in April

As the 2014 World Series of Poker is ramping up, Nevada gaming officials reveal that online poker revenue declined significantly in March. According to a report on, online poker revenues dropped 14.5 percent in April to $792,000.

Online poker revenues had been steadily rising month-over-month to start 2014. Online card rooms took in $824,000 in revenue for February and $926,000 in March. Many expect revenues to rise over the next couple of months due to the influx of players attending the World Series of Poker.

The report also reviewed the overall numbers produced from the poker industry since the inception of online poker. Nevada online casinos collected $123,891,000 from live and online poker in 2013. This is 1.1% of the $11.1 billion collected by casinos across the state in 2013. These numbers continue to show just how small a market poker really in comparison to other gaming.

A drop in revenue was to be expected at some point during the industry’s development. The state should receive a nice bump over the next six weeks as tens of thousands flock to Vegas for the WSOP. While these inflated numbers will help on overall industry take, we really won’t know until September whether online poker really is slumping or if April’s numbers were just a short-term correction.

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