Pala Adds Freerolls, Big Overlay At Stars, And Party Hosts The Biggest Tourney

September 13, 2017
Pala Adds Freerolls, Big Overlay At Stars, And Party Hosts The Biggest Tourney


There was a lot of value for New Jersey online poker players this past weekend, with significant overlays across Sunday’s major online poker tournaments.

Of the 14 tournaments tracked, the state’s online poker operators guaranteed over $200,000 but combined to hand out roughly $13,000 in overlays.

Another important development this week had to do with market hierarchy, as the $40k Guarantee at partypoker/Borgata/MGM produced a larger prize-pool than the $50k guarantee at PokerStars NJ. However, its accomplishment might be fleeting.

Borgata-party-MGM has a good day

The $40k Guarantee

The Borgata/partypoker/MGM online poker network hosts a $40,000 guarantee tournament every Sunday. The tournament has a $215 buy-in, $15 of which goes to tournament fees. That works out to a seven percent rake.

With a $44,000 prize-pool, the $40k guarantee was the largest tournament (by prize-pool) in the New Jersey market on Sunday. That’s an impressive achievement considering PokerStars NJ’s Sunday Special guarantees $50,000.

MTT Start Time Buy-In GTD Entries Prize-Pool Overlay
SUNDAY $40K GTD NLH [3X RE] + BONUS 5:00pm  $215  $40,000 220  $ 44,000

One reason for the strong turnout could be a bonus the network has been offering to the winner of the tournament: a $3,500 WPT seat.

As New Jersey poker pro-Katie Stone explained, these bonuses could go a long way towards boosting turnout in other tournaments.

“This Sunday was sadly the last Sunday they were awarding the winner of the $215/$40k with a $3500 WPT entry to the WPT Borgata Main event that starts next week,” Stone said. “Borgata/Party is the only site in NJ that does this kind of thing and I wish the other sites were able to do something similar.”

More signature events at Borgata/party/MGM

The front end of the network’s recently revamped Sunday schedule is performing fairly well, but more changes may be on the horizon considering the performance of the 7:30 Turbo and 8:00 PLO events. Both events continue to struggle (the Turbo didn’t run this week) despite relatively small buy-ins.

MTT Start Time Buy In GTD Entries Prize-Pool Overlay
SUNDAY STARTER $3K GTD [2X RE] 4:00pm $55  $3,000 56  $3,000 $200
Sunday $535 – $20K GTD [2x RE] 6:30pm $535 $20,000 36 $20,000 $2,000
DAILY $10K GTD  [2X RE] 7:00pm $109  $10,000 127  $12,700
$3,000 GTD Turbo [2x RE] 7:30pm $55 DID NOT RUN
Sunday PLO Bounty – $750 GTD 8:00pm  $35  $750 22  $750 $266

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PokerStars signature event takes a hit

The $50k Sunday Special

PokerStars is home to the largest weekly guaranteed tournament in the New Jersey market, which also happens to be the least expensive. The Sunday Special at PokerStars NJ features a $200 buy-in and a $50,000 guarantee, making it $15 cheaper and $10,000 richer than its competitors’ flagship Sunday events.

The tournament is raked seven percent, as $186 of the $200 entry fee goes to the prize pool, and $14 to tournament fees.

This past week, the Sunday Special had a huge $8,336 overlay.

MTT Buy-In GTD Entries Prize-Pool Overlay
Sunday Special $50K GTD (Reentry) $200 $50,000 224 $ 50,000 $8,336

More signature Sunday events from PokerStars NJ

In addition to the Sunday Special, PokerStars NJ hosts two other major Sunday tournaments with guarantees of $10k and $15k respectively.

The high-roller continues to perform well, while the Sunday Warmup continues to offer a decent overlay.

MTT Buy In GTD Entries Prize-Pool Overlay
$500 Sunday High Roller (Reentry) $500 $15,000 46 $21,620
$50 Sunday Warmup (Reentry) $50 $10,000 203 $10,000 $763.50

One tournament we don’t track that is popular with New Jersey regulars is the nightly $100 tournament, which gets a guarantee boost on Sundays, and is a favorite among NJ grinders.

“Their nightly $100 tournament bumps up from a $10k to $12k guarantee on Sunday’s which is nice,” Stone explained, adding that, “Stars overall Sunday tournaments continue to be the largest guarantees in NJ.”

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Pala tournaments continue to offer the best value

The tournaments may not have big prize-pools, but Pala’s tournament schedule has the highest overlays (by percentage) in the New Jersey market.

As it’s still in beta, Pala Poker is only offering a daily schedule at this point.

The daily schedule is highlighted by two $10 buy-in ($9 + $1), $250 guaranteed events.

Start Time Tournament Buy-in Entries Prize-pool Overlay
  8:00 pm  Nightly $250 Gtd NLHE Turbo $10 16 $250 $156
  8:30 pm  Nightly $250 Gtd (6-Handed) NLHE Turbo $10 16 $250 $156

As if there wasn’t enough value in its substantial overlays, Pala has also added two daily freerolls to its tournament schedule.

They are:

  1. a $50 freeroll at 4 PM
  2. a $100 freeroll at 9 PM

Sign up for Pala Poker here have overlays across the board

Each of the WSOP/888 tournaments we track had an overlay this week.

According to Stone, if the network wants to turn this around it could do with a top to bottom overhaul.

“I really wish WSOP would just come at us and surprise us all with a total revamp of their offerings and customer service issues,” Stone said. “How about awarding seats to a WSOP 1k this summer to the winners of the Sunday $215/$40k starting in January?”

The $40k Warrior

Every Sunday, the and 888 network host “The Warrior,” a $215 buy-in tournament with a $40,000 guarantee. The rake for the Warrior is the same seven percent that you’ll find at other sites.

The Warrior dropped below 200 entries this past week, which means the tournament had a small overlay.

MTT Buy-In GTD Entries Prize-Pool Overlay
$215 The Warrior $40K GTD (Reentry) $215 $40,000 198 $ 40,000 $400

Other signature Sunday events at 888/ have two other big tournaments on its Sunday schedule, both offering guarantees of $10,000.

Both tournaments offered a little extra value this past Sunday.

MTT Buy In GTD Entries Prize-Pool Overlay
 $50 Warrior’s Opening Strike (Reentry) $50 $10,000 215 $10,000 $217.50
$100 Fierce Warrior  (Reentry) $100 $10,000 104 $10,000 $536

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