View from the Rail: High Roller Side Bets, Latest Poker Legislation News

February 2, 2018
View from the Rail: High Roller Side Bets, Latest Poker Legislation News

Welcome to my view from the rail, your weekly look at poker news that you might have missed while watching a Celebrity Hippo predict the Super Bowl winner.

Tweet of the Week

Ryan Riess showed up to U.S. Poker Open ready to play, but his appearance in the first event of the series was short-lived after being eliminated by Justin Bonomo. He obviously didn’t get the message that Bonomo is hogging the heaters.

U.S. Poker Open Side Action

With potential prize pools in the millions, where will you find the high-stakes tournament players? Securing their side bets.

It should come as no surprise that some side bets are getting underway. We saw it at the Poker Masters and with the same cast of characters expected to show up for the U.S. Poker Open, you can look forward to something similar.

After Poker Central posted their picks of players to keep an eye on during the chase for the trophy, Bryn Kenney tweeted:

Daniel Negreanu was quick to respond to the challenge.

And there are plenty of others jumping on the action train. The side bets of these events are as much fun as the events themselves. Tune in to Twitter to follow the side bet action and PokerGO for all the happenings on the felt.

In other Poker Central news, just ahead of players taking to the felt in Nevada, the company announced that it will be continuing its partnership with NBC Sports Group with more coverage of more events.

You can look forward to seeing the popular Super High Roller Bowl, U.S. Poker Open, and Poker Masters on television through 2020. More poker coverage is a good thing and it’s exciting to see poker expanding on the airwaves.

Sharing the Boardwalk

What do you say to the fish who’s getting ready to leave?

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

And that’s exactly what’s happening in Atlantic City, New Jersey as the failed Trump Taj Mahal and Revel Casinos have new owners and new faces.

The Hard Rock Atlantic City and Ocean Resorts Casino are scheduled to open their doors in time for summer, and in addition to making a splash in the Garden State, they are hoping to claim their share of the New Jersey online gaming revenue.

It has been confirmed that both newly re-branded casinos have applied for internet gaming licenses. It’s too early to know whether they plan to offer online poker, but you can bet they are eager to stake a claim to their share of the over $20 million in monthly revenue that online casinos generate.

News on the Legislative Front

It seemed like there was a lot of positive news on the legislative front in January. And a few days into February the news is a little tempered. Here’s a snapshot of the latest.

New York

What is Gary Pretlow saying to those who oppose the New York gambling bill he authored? I will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

But there seems to be an Assembly full of women standing in his way, Pretlow said:

“It seems women are opposed to gambling or gaming, and it got a little heated,” Pretlow said. “There’s opposition to the legislation by a lot of female members of the Assembly, and the Speaker decided we should wait to get it straightened out. But now I know which ones to deal with and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to redouble my efforts, as the expression goes.”

There are some other signs that indicate New York poker legislation might be in a bit of trouble.

The first indication is the absence of online poker revenue in the state’s proposed budget.

The second indication is the bill must pass through three committees before making its way to the Assembly floor.

It will most likely be this summer before we know whether minds and attitudes have changed.

It’s an important time for the legislation, and the Poker Player’s Alliance is encouraging everyone to tweet New York state lawmakers.

And they are making it easy for you to do it with prepared tweets:

Rhode Island

The latest trend in state lotteries is to add the ability to buy tickets online. The latest state to entertain the option is Rhode Island where a bill was introduced to do just that.

Why is this news and why should you care?

Because a virtual lottery can be a hopeful sign and a possible first step in legalizing online poker and other gaming.

There’s a common theme in state’s budget offices across the nation and specifially in the Northeastern states and that’s the need for money. Budgets are tight and states need funds.

Ironically, a lack of money could be the catalyst needed to give online gaming legislation the shot in the arm that is needed to get online poker back online.

Every journey begins with a first step. So sue me if I want to find the silver lining in every possible action that will allow me to play online once again.

And that’s my view from the rail for the week ending February 2, 2018. Be safe out there and may your Super Bowl bets be winners. Hey, I’m heeding Fiona the Hippo’s prediction – Go Eagles!

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