Real Gaming Software Improvements and Promotions

September 4, 2014
Real Gaming Software Improvements and Promotions

Real Gaming released a new software update recently. It improved on the original platform used for its February 2014 launch in Nevada.

Geolocation App

The first improvement is noticeable immediately upon logging into Real Gaming. Players must download the Real Gaming app to get located in Nevada before sitting at a table. The new app operates much faster than the original version and automatically enters in the session’s PIN. Players had to enter the PIN in manually in the previous version.

Players must still enter the last four numbers of their Social Security Number and enter a CAPTCHA word to complete the process.  This is an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized logins.

Game Play Improvements

Some of the improvements were made to game play. Tables now open in new browser windows as opposed to the same window as the lobby. The animation is much smoother. The bet slider has better functionality than the first software version.

Turbo Tables Added

Real Gaming added turbo tables for limits up to $.50/$1 in the lobby. Players must make a decision in 8 seconds.

Hand Histories

Hand histories are now accessible in the software. These are animated and include hands called at showdown.

Real Gaming Promotions

The software update also brought some big promotions along with it. Real Gaming is giving away $100k through The Real 50 promotion. This pays the top 50 players in small and medium stakes each month. Players must earn at least 60 points for small stakes and 80 points for mid stakes during the month to qualify. The formula may be found here.

Small stakes players split $2,000 per month, while mid stakes players will split $5,000.

There is also a $16,000 Player of the Year. The small stakes pool is $6,000. Mid stakes players qualify for the $10,000 prize pool. The top three players win.

The Real 50 promotion is a great one as the player count is still small at Real Gaming. It is easy to qualify for one of the places.

There is a high hand bonus four hours each day. The best hand that hour will win between $5 and $100, depending on the limit. There must be 50 flops at a table in an hour with three players seated to qualify.

Quadzilla pays players up to $50 for making four of a kind with a pocket pair. There must be at least three players dealt in the hand to qualify.

Facebook Marketing

Real Gaming is doing more to get the word out about its product. It started a Facebook sponsored post campaign that targets Nevada poker players to help draw players to its tables.

Real Gaming was the third Nevada poker site to launch.  It is connected to South Point Casino in Las Vegas.

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