Seeing Poker Everywhere On TV? Scratch Your Itch On Global Poker!

July 6, 2018
Seeing Poker Everywhere On TV? Scratch Your Itch On Global Poker!

Poker is all over television right now, and it may have you anxious to play. Good news! You can play on Global Poker in the US today, with a sweepstakes model that allows you to cash out for real money.

What is Global Poker?

Global Poker is one of the very few online poker sites available across the United States. Unless you live in Nevada, New Jersey, or Delaware, your options for truly legitimate sites are pretty limited.

Thankfully, Global Poker is operational in the US because of its sweepstakes currency model.

How it works

Global Poker maintains two different streams of currency – Gold Coins and $weeps Coins. In order to begin playing, you purchase Gold Coins the same way you would purchase chips from any poker site.

Gold Coins can be used for play, but are not redeemable for cash. At the same time of your purchase, Global Poker will award you an equal amount of their other currency, $weeps Coins.

You can also use $weeps Coins for play in games. However, unlike Gold Coins, you can convert $weeps Coins into real money.

Because you cannot purchase $weeps Coins directly, the winnings are a sweepstakes prize. As such, Global Poker falls into the same category as other sweepstakes, like Publishers Clearing House.

How do I get money in and out?

From a banking point of view, it’s a great time to get into Global Poker. The company recently switched its payment processor from PayPal to WorldPay.

In doing so, you can now use a Visa or Mastercard to put money into the site. As CEO Laurence Escalante said,

“One thing our customers have made clear to us is that they would like more choice when it comes to payment methods. Worldpay’s extensive network and vast expertise allow us to give our players this choice.”

The company has announced that at least for the time being, withdrawals will go to the bank account of the player’s choice. However, Worldpay will likely figure into the permanent solution for the site.

Why should I play?

Hopefully, the idea of a real-money online poker site in the U.S. is enough of a reason. However, if you need a sweetener, consider that last Sunday’s headline tournaments had overlays in excess of $C10,000.

Those two tournaments, the Scrimmage and the Teaser, combine for $C70,000 worth of guaranteed prizepools. The buy-ins for the two are $C218 and $C110, respectively, and both are deepstack tournaments.

Global Poker also has steady play available 24 hours a day. Unless you’re a very high roller, you can always find a game here.

Finally, players who play 750 Gold Coin hands in a calendar month can now receive the “Reaper” avatar. You can ramp up the intimidation factor with the Messenger of Death representing you.

What are you waiting for? Head to Global Poker right now!

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