Top 5 Reasons To Travel To New Jersey To Play NJCOOP

September 26, 2017
Top 5 Reasons To Travel To New Jersey To Play NJCOOP

The Pokerstars NJ New Jersey Championship of Online Poker returns at the end of the month. Of course, this gives poker players from across the United States every reason to travel to the Garden State to play in it.

It’s legal and regulated online poker with huge amounts of guaranteed money on the line. So, if that’s not reason enough to convince you a trip to New Jersey is in order sometime from September 30 to October 17, here’s a list of US Poker’s Top 5 Reasons To Travel to NJ to Play NJCOOP:

5. $1.2 million guaranteed

That’s right, Pokerstars is guaranteeing $1.2 million dollars in prize pools over the NJCOOP’s 46-tournament schedule. Plus, these aren’t the kind of moving-target guarantees you might find at shady card rooms on the left coast. There have been overlays in previous Pokerstars NJ championship-level events and PokerstarsNJ has had no problem covering them.

The $500 Main Event itself comes with a $200,000 guarantee. There’s also a $250 Sunday Special event with an $85,000 guarantee at the start of the series. Plus, there’s a $350 buy-in Sunday Special event, and a $1,000 High Roller. Each of these is guaranteeing a prize pool of at least $80,000.

Every single other event on the schedule is guaranteeing at least $10,000. Some are offering up to $40,000 in prize money and buy-ins are as low as $25. If you’re going to travel to play poker you’re going to want some assurances it’ll be worth the trip. The $1.2 million dollars PokerstarsNJ is guaranteeing over the course of this year’s NJCOOP certainly does that.

4. Atlantic City hotels and casinos

You don’t have to go to Atlantic City to play in the 2017 PokerstarsNJ NJCOOP. All you really have to do is step inside New Jersey state lines and you can get in on the action. However, NJCOOP presents the perfect opportunity to visit America’s Playground. While you’re there, checking out some of Atlantic City’s iconic hotel and casino properties is a must.

In fact, you can stay at a number of historic Atlantic City hotel and casino properties for under $150 a night. This includes:

  • Bally’s Hotel & Casino Atlantic City
  • Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City
  • Golden Nugget Atlantic City
  • Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City
  • Tropicana Casino & Resort Atlantic City

Properties like the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa and Caesars Atlantic City Hotel & Casino aren’t much more expensive than that. Plus, they offer five-star amenities.

Five of Atlantic City’s seven hotel and casino properties host live poker rooms. In fact, Borgata has a reputation as one of the best poker rooms in the entire country. No matter which one you choose, visiting any of Atlantic City’s poker rooms during NJCOOP will give you the opportunity to play a little live poker as well.

3. East Coast October weather

Fall weather in a place like Atlantic City leaves little doubt that Summer is gone and Winter is on its way. However, the average daily high still approaches 70 degrees.

There’s a feeling of nostalgia that comes on in a place like Atlantic City in October. The crowds of Summer have long left. You’re not going to want to try swimming in the Atlantic Ocean at this time of year. However, on a sunny day, the weather is still prefect for a stroll along the famed Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Layering is key to avoid catching a chill when you hit a shady patch. But night or day, the Atlantic City Boardwalk represents one of the best spots to wind down or recharge your battery after a long day on the NJCOOP felt. Traveling to Atlantic City to play NJCOOP will give you the opportunity to experience all this for yourself.

2. Atlantic City Food

A lot of people travel just for the food. They design entire vacations around where they want to eat. Of course, your main focus for a trip to New Jersey to play in NJCOOP will be the poker. However, you still have to eat.

Travelling to Atlantic City to play in the Pokerstars NJ NJCOOP will give you the perfect opportunity to eat well throughout the series. Atlantic City is a haven for foodies. Whether it’s cheap and authentic eats at the White House Sub Shop, or authentic old-school Italian at a place like Carmine’s Italian Restaurant, Atlantic City has it all.

Celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck and Michael Symon are all represented well. The casinos host high end steakhouses like Morton’s The Steakhouse and Bobby Flay Steak. Plus, Borgata even has a buffet that rivals some of the best all-you-can-eat spots in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You may make a memorable run in in an NJCOOP event. But if you travel to Atlantic City to play in the series, the one thing you won’t forget is some of the meals you enjoyed throughout.

1. Playing online poker again

Most US poker players who live outside of Delaware, Nevada, or New Jersey, have not played even a hand of online poker since the US Department of Justice shut down the biggest sites in the business on April 15, 2011. Those that have likely did it on some shady offshore site. It’s not as much fun to play when you’re were more worried about the host taking your money than other players.

Travelling to Atlantic City to play in the Pokerstars NJ NJCOOP represents a great opportunity to play online poker again. But even further, it represents a great opportunity to play legal and regulated online poker right here in the United States.

The stakes and the guarantees should be big enough to keep most players interested. Plus, those that once loved playing online poker from the privacy of their own home can find that again. In fact, traveling to New Jersey to play NJCOOP offers the opportunity to harken back to the glory days of the game.

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