Double the Fun at in February: Online Circuit Series, Winter Championships

February 6, 2023
Double the Fun at in February: Online Circuit Series, Winter Championships

Online poker players in New Jersey and Nevada have double the action to look forward to in February at US poker players will have the opportunity to dive into the Winter Online Championships from Feb. 5-19 with more than  $1.5 million in guarantees across 47 events.

The WSOP Online Circuit Series is also back with 12 rings up for grabs from Feb. 17-28. Both series are also available to Michigan and Pennsylvania players as well with $370,000 guaranteed. Those series will play independently of the Nevada/New Jersey platform. Winter Online Championships

Players will find buy-ins from $20 to $1,000 in the Winter Online Championships. The $320 Main Event takes place on Feb. 19 and includes a $200,000 guarantee. The winner also earns an exclusive WSOP championship belt.

“The winter months in New Jersey don’t offer a lot to do with 20-degree weather,” New Jersey poker player Frank DiRe says. “So having an option to grind a bunch of online series this month sounds like a win to me.”

Players can look for different tournament styles such as bounty events, high rollers, and turbos. Besides the Main Event, some other highlights include:

  • $30 NLHE (Event 1, Feb. 5) – $30,000 guaranteed
  • $1,000 High Roller (Event 34, Feb. 16) – $75,000 guaranteed
  • $50 Pot Limit Omaha Six-Max (Event 36, Feb. 16) – $10,00 guaranteed
  • $215 Monster Stack  (Event 38, Feb. 17) – $30,000 guaranteed
  • $50 Super Sunday (Event 43, Feb. 19) – $30,000 guaranteed

Here’s a look at the complete schedules. Winter Online Championships – Nevada/New Jersey Winter Online Championships –Pennsylvania & Michigan

WSOP February Online Circuit Events 

In Nevada/New Jersey, players can win up to $1 million in the February Online Circuit Series. Most events feature No Limit Hold’em with one Pot Limit Omaha event also included. Some highlights from the series include:

  • $300 Freezeout (Event 1, Feb. 17) – $50,000 guaranteed
  • $500 Eight-Max (Event 2, Feb. 18) – $100,000 guaranteed
  • $500 PLO BIG (Event 6, Feb. 22) – $40,000 guaranteed
  • $525 Main Event  (Event 10, Feb. 26) – $200,000 guaranteed

Here’s a look at the complete schedule.

Online Circuit Series – Nevada/New Jersey

1Feb. 17KO Freezeout$300$50,000
2Feb. 18Big $500 3x re-entry$500$100,000
3Feb. 19MonsterStack 2x re-entry$100$100,000
4Feb. 20NLHE 8-max 3x re-entry$215$50,000
5Feb. 21High Roller 2x re-entry$1,000$125,000
6Feb. 22PLO Big $500 3x re-entry$500$40,000
7Feb. 23NLHE 6-max 2x re-entry$320$50,000
8Feb. 24Turbo DeepStack 2x re-entry$215$50,000
9Feb. 25Double Stack 2x re-entry$320$100,000
10Feb. 26Main Event 3x re-entry$525$200,000
11Feb. 27NLHE Freezeout$215$50,000
12Feb. 28High Roller 2x re-entry$1,000$100,000

Online Circuit Series – Pennsylvania & Michigan

1Feb. 17NLHE PKO 2x re-entry$215$20,000
2Feb. 18Double Stack$215$20,000
3Feb. 19Turbo DeepStack 2x re-entry$215$15,000
4Feb. 20NLHE PKO 2x re-entry$320$25,000
5Feb. 21NLHE PKO 2x re-entry$525$40,000
6Feb. 22Double Stack$215$20,000
7Feb. 23Big $500 2x re-entry$500$30,000
8Feb. 24PLO DeepStack 2xre-entry$215$15,000
9Feb. 25NLHE PKO 2x re-entry$215$25,000
10Feb. 26Double Stack 2x re-entry$215$20,000
11Feb. 27NLHE PKO 2x re-entry$320$25,000
12Feb. 28Main Event 3x re-entry$525$50,000

January ring winners

Online streamer and bracelet winner Jason Somerville made news this month, as he grabbed his first WSOP Circuit ring. He scored $17,901 in January’s Event 7 when he defeated online grinder Krishna “ninjago” Kalidas heads up.

In Pennsylvania, Michael Duffy scored two rings and more than $16,000. Michigan resident and online crusher Corey Paggeot added some hardware this month – winning rings four and five last month for more than $8,000. Some other notable winners included: 

  • James Schuler – Event 1, $16,011 (NJ)
  • Brain Mancilla – Event 3, $26,226 (NV)
  • Christian Loucas – Event 4, $16,540 (NJ)
  • Kenny Huynh – Event 5, $44,475 (NJ)
  • Matthew Boulden – Event 6, $6,180  (NV)
  • Lauren Roberts – Event 8, $11,603 (NV)
  • Lily Torrence – Event 9, $26,071 (NV)
  • JJ Liu– Event 12, $35,184  (NV)
  • Matthew Cole – Event 1, $6,259 (PA)
  • Michael Duffy – Event 4, $7,040 (PA)
  • Kyle Lorenz – Event 5, $12,329 (PA)
  • Earl Mckee – Event 1, $5,786 (MI)
  • Craig Kane – Event 2, $7,959 (MI)
  • Jamal Haddad – Event 3, $8,128 (MI)
  • Dan Smits – Event 5, $11,909 (MI)

Each ring and bracelet winner this year will be eligible for a $1 million dollar freeroll. The Tournament of Champions will return to Las Vegas on May 31 during the live WSOP. For a complete look at the live WSOP schedule, click here. 

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