PREVIEW: WSOP Officials Outline What to Expect When Action Kicks Off Next Week

May 27, 2022
PREVIEW: WSOP Officials Outline What to Expect When Action Kicks Off Next Week

With the World Series of Poker only days away, on Thursday series officials offered a look into what players can expect in a news conference and facilities tour.

The series kicks off on May 31 and runs through July 20 with 87 bracelet events as well as numerous other online bracelet tournaments as well. Organizers noted that the series will boast more space and poker tables than any previous series.

Efforts at adding more dealers have also been successful, ensuring there should be enough personnel to handle a large turnout. Management is expecting a record turnout this year as the series moves from the Rio to Bally’s and Paris on the Strip.

WSOP Executive Director Jack Effel and Vice President Ty Stewart outlined what to expect from the new surroundings and this year’s festival.

“All across America, it’s graduation season and we plan on making this summer one heck of a graduation party for the World Series of Poker,” Stewart said. “Being here on the Las Vegas Strip, across two resorts no less, it’s a key milestone for this event and for poker overall. After 52 years we’re finally a headliner baby, and I think Wayne Newton is the only one who’s been doing it longer. I hope every player does feel some pride in what we’ve achieved.

“There were certainly a lot of naysayers who thought in the mid-2000s that poker would just fizzle out. The growth of this event has been nothing short of astounding.”

A look at the new WSOP venues

This year marks the first time the WSOP has been held on the Strip. The news conference offered some details on what players can expect when they make their way to the annual poker festival.

This year, the Champagne Ballroom serves as the place to register throughout the series. There are 16 cages, an increase from the Rio, as well as 10 VIP windows. Online qualifiers will also verify their seat in this area.

Participants can wire funds for WSOP events or place money on account when they arrive as well. After setting up an account at the Main Cage, players can then register online or via mobile device through BravoPokerLive. Players also collect winnings at the Main Cage in the Champagne Ballroom.

All players need a Caesars Rewards card as well and those can be obtained near the Champagne room as well. Players can fund their online account as well in the Champagne Ballroom.

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The Paris Ballroom offers 88,000 square feet with more than 300 poker tables and hosts all Day 1s for events less than $10,000. The venue also hosts Daily Deepstacks, satellites, live action, and the Kings Lounge, which features 14 tables.

The Bally’s Grand Ballroom houses 187 tables and hosts all Day 2s (under $10,000) as well as the re-entry cages. The Bally’s Event Center features 87 tables and is designated for all final tables. That includes the CBS Sports/PokerGO “mothership” set and five feature tables.

In total, the facilities now feature 160,000 square feet for poker and another 40,000 square feet of auxiliary space for managing the series. That’s the largest space ever available for the series.

That includes even more space for spectators as well, to be known as the “Horseshoe.” Bally’s is rebranding as Horseshoe Las Vegas this year.

Some final tables in the past didn’t feature any fanfare or areas for fans to watch. Tournament organizers worked to change that this year.

“We want the spectators,” Stewart said. “We have the space for the spectators to walk around and see things. COVID was tough with everybody, but this year there are no restrictions and we hope the spectators come on down and see people win this unthinkable money and these legends. Everyone’s welcome.”

Parking issues addressed

Organizers hoped to quell any concerns about parking at Bally’s and Paris. They noted that the properties have 8,000 parking spaces, twice what was available at the Rio.

Of course, parking isn’t free as at the series’ previous location. Those at the Caesars Rewards platinum level or higher qualify for free parking.

Players with a Caesars Rewards Visa, available on site, also qualify for free parking. Rideshare and monorail travel is also available for players staying at other properties.

Some major expectations

In 2021, the pandemic caused the series to move to the fall. Travel restrictions, mask mandates, and vaccine requirements also suppressed turnout.

All those concerns seem to be a thing of the past this year, however. Effel is expecting a massive turnout this year as players who may not have attended last year return for the action.

“What makes the World Series of Poker different and special is the history,” Stewart said. “And we expect this to be the biggest World Series of Poker of all time.”

Those traveling from another country are reminded of a few requirements. International players need to bring an additional form of identification that shows a residential address, such as a signed lease agreement, a utility bill, or a mobile phone bill.

Foreign players from non-tax treaty countries are also subject to up to 30% tax withholding. ​​Here’s the complete schedule for this year’s WSOP.

2022 World Series of Poker

DateTimeEventTournamentBuy-inStarting chipsRe-entry
May 31, 20229amRegistration Opens, Live Action & Satellites Begin---
May 31, 202211am1Casino Employees No Limit Hold'em (2 day event)$50025,0001
May 31, 20223pm2High Roller Bounty No Limit Hold’em (every player is a $25K bounty) (8-Handed) (3 day event)$100,000600,0001
June 1, 202211am3Freezeout No Limit Hold'em (3 day event)$2,50035,0000
June 1, 20223pm4Dealers Choice 6-Handed (3 day event)$1,50025,0001
June 2, 202210am5AThe Housewarming No Limit Hold'em $5,000,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool (6 day event) (Payouts every flight) $50050,0001/flight
June 2, 20223pm6Heads Up No Limit Hold'em Championship - (64 player max) (3 day event)$25,000150,0000
June 3, 202210am5BThe Housewarming No Limit Hold'em Flight B$50050,0001/flight
June 3, 20223pm7Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better (3 day event)$1,50025,0000
June 4, 202210am5CThe Housewarming No Limit Hold'em Flight C$50050,0001/flight
June 4, 20221pm8High Roller No Limit Hold’em 8-Handed (3 day event)$25,000150,0001
June 4, 20223pm9Seven Card Stud (3 day event)$1,50025,0000
June 5, 202210am5DThe Housewarming No Limit Hold'em Flight D$50050,0001/flight
June 5, 20223pm10Dealers Choice 6-Handed Championship (3 day event)$10,00060,0000
June 6, 202211am11No Limit Hold’em Deepstack (2 day event)$60030,0001
June 6, 20221pm12High Roller No Limit Hold'em 8-Handed (3 day event)$50,000300,0001
June 6, 20223pm13Limit Hold’em (3 day event)$1,50025,0000
June 7, 202211am146-Handed No Limit Hold’em (3 day event)$1,50025,0001
June 7, 20223pm15Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship (4 day event)$10,00060,0000
June 8, 202211am16No-Limit Holdem (4 day event)$3,00040,0001
June 8, 20223pm17Mixed Triple Draw Lowball  (Limit) (A-5, 2-7, Badugi) (3 day event)$2,50035,0001
June 9, 202211am18Freezeout No-Limit Holdem (2 day event)$1,00020,0000
June 9, 20221pm19High Roller Pot-Limit Omaha (8-Handed) (4 day Event)$25,000150,0002
June 9, 20223pm20Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw (3 day event)$1,50025,0001
June 10, 202210am21AMONSTER STACK No Limit Hold'em Flight A (players who are eliminated in flight A may re-enter into flight B) (5 day event)$1,50050,000Bust A Play B
June 10, 20223pm22Seven Card Stud Championship (3 day event)$10,00060,0000
June 11, 202210am21BMONSTER STACK No Limit Hold'em Flight B$1,50050,0000
June 11, 20223pm236-Handed Limit Hold’em (3 day event)$3,00040,0000
June 12, 202211am24FLIP & GO No Limit Hold’em Presented by GG Poker - Flight A (2 day event)$1,00020,000unlimited
June 12, 20221pm25No Limit Hold’em Deepstack (2 day event)$80040,0001
June 12, 20223pm26Limit Hold'em Championship (3 day event)$10,00060,0000
June 13, 202211am27Shootout No Limit Hold'em (2,000 player max) (3 day event)$1,50025,0000
June 13, 20221pm28High Roller Pot-Limit Omaha (3 day event)$50,000300,0002
June 13, 20223pm29No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw (3 day event)$1,50025,0002
June 14, 202211am30Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed (3 day event)$1,00020,0002
June 14, 20223pm31Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw Championship (3 day event)$10,00060,0000
June 15, 202211am32H.O.R.S.E. (Limit Hold'em; Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better; Razz; Seven Card Stud; Seven Card Hi-Lo 8 or Better) (3 day event)$1,50025,0000
June 15, 20223pm336-Handed No Limit Hold’em (2 day event)$3,00040,0001
June 16, 202211am34Freezeout No-Limit Holdem (3 day event)$1,50025,0000
June 16, 20221pm35Mixed Big Bet Event - NLHE, PLO, 2-7 NL, NL 5 Card Draw, Big O, PLO Hi-Lo, 2-7 Pot-Limit Triple Draw (3 day event)$2,50035,0002
June 16, 20223pm36Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better (3 day event)$1,50025,0000
June 17, 202210am37AMILLIONAIRE MAKER No Limit Hold’em Flight A - $1,000,000 Guaranteed for 1st Place (5 day event) $1,50025,0001/flight
June 17, 20223pm38No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw Championship (3 day event)$10,00060,0001
June 18, 202210am37BMILLIONAIRE MAKER No Limit Hold'em Flight B$1,50025,0001/flight
June 18, 20221pm396-Handed Pot-Limit Omaha (4 day event)$3,00040,0002
June 18, 20223pm40Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship (3 day event)$10,00060,0000
June 19, 202211am41Super Turbo Bounty No Limit Hold'em (freezeout) (every player is a $300 bounty) (1 day event)$1,00020,0000
June 19, 20223pm42High Roller No Limit Hold’em (3 day event)$100,000600,0001
June 20, 202211am43Freezeout No-Limit Holdem (2 day event)$50025,0000
June 20, 20223pm44H.O.R.S.E. Championship (Limit Hold'em; Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better, Razz, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Hi-Lo 8 or Better) (4 day event) $10,00060,0000
June 21, 202211am45Pot-Limit Omaha (8-Handed) (3 day event)$1,50025,0002
June 21, 20223pm466-Handed No Limit Hold’em (4 day event)$5,00050,0001
June 22, 202210am47ASeniors No Limit Hold’em Championship (Must be 50 years of age or older) Flight A (5 day event)$1,00020,0001 / flight
June 22, 20223pm48Eight Game Mix 6-Handed (3 day event)$1,50025,0001
June 23, 202210am47BSeniors No Limit Hold’em Championship Flight B$1,00020,0001 / flight
June 23, 20221pm49No-Limit Holdem (3 day event)$2,00030,0001
June 23, 20223pm50Super High Roller No Limit Hold'em (3 day event)$250,0001,500,0001
June 24, 202210am51ACOLOSSUS No Limit Hold’em Flight A (Payouts each flight) (4 day event)$40040,0001 / flight
June 24, 20223pm52Nine Game Mix 6-Handed (3 day event)$2,50035,0001
June 25, 202210am51BCOLOSSUS No Limit Hold’em Flight B (Payouts each flight)$40040,0001 / flight
June 25, 20223pm53Mixed No Limit Hold'em; Pot-Limit Omaha (8-Handed) (2 day event)$5,00050,0002
June 26, 202211am54Salute to Warriors - No Limit Hold’em Proceeds to be donated to the USO and other Veteran Organizations (3 day event)$50050,0001
June 26, 20221pm55TAG TEAM No Limit Hold'em (2 person team, each team must register together) (3 day event) $1,000/Team20,0000
June 26, 20223pm56Poker Players Championship 6-Handed (5 day event)$50,000300,0000
June 27, 202211am57Deepstack Championship No Limit Hold'em (4 day event)$60030,0001
June 27, 20223pm58Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better (8-Handed) (3 day event)$1,50025,0002
June 28, 202210am59Super Seniors No Limit Hold’em (Must be 60 years of age or older) (4 day event)$1,00020,0001
June 28, 20223pm60Short Deck No Limit Hold'em (3 day event)$10,00060,0001
June 29, 202211am61Ladies No Limit Hold’em Championship (4 day event) (Event Entry is $10K; Ladies Discounted Price is $1K)$10,000 men/$1,000 ladies20,0001
June 29, 20221pm62Super Turbo Bounty No Limit Hold'em (freezeout) (every player is a $500 bounty) (1 day event)$1,50025,0000
June 29, 20223pm63Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship (8-Handed) (4 day event)$10,00060,0000
June 30, 202211am64Pot-Limit Omaha Deepstack (8-Handed) (2 day event)$60030,0002
June 30, 20223pm65Freezeout No Limit Hold'em (3 day event)$3,00040,0000
July 1, 202211am66Mini Main Event No Limit Hold’em (freezeout) (3 day event)$1,00060,0000
July 1, 20223pm67Super Turbo Bounty No Limit Hold'em (freezeout) (every player is a $3,000 bounty) (2 day event)$10,00060,0000
July 2, 2022Main Event Satellite Days July 2 - 7
July 2, 202212pm68AMillion Dollar Bounty No Limit Hold'em - Payouts begin on Day one - Bounties begin on Day 2 - Top bounty guranteed $1,000,000$1,00040,0001/flight
July 2, 20223pm69Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed Championship (4 day event)$10,00060,0000
July 3, 202211am70AMAIN EVENT No Limit Hold'em World Championship - Day 1A$10,00060,0000
July 3, 202212pm68BMillion Dollar Bounty No Limit Hold'em - Flight B$1,00040,0001/flight
July 4, 202211am70BMAIN EVENT No Limit Hold'em World Championship - Day 1B$10,00060,0000
July 4, 202212pm68CMillion Dollar Bounty No Limit Hold'em - Flight C$1,00040,0001/flight
July 4, 20227pm68DMillion Dollar Bounty No Limit Hold'em - Flight D - Turbo 15 minute levels$1,00040,0001/flight
July 5, 202211am70CMAIN EVENT No Limit Hold'em World Championship - Day 1C$10,00060,0000
July 6, 202211am70DMAIN EVENT No Limit Hold'em World Championship - Day 1D$10,00060,0000
July 7, 202211amMAIN EVENT - Day 2AB (combine all surviving players 1A + 1B)
July 7, 202212pm71AOne More for One Drop No Limit Hold'em Flight A (5 day event)$1,000 + $11140,000unlimited
July 7, 20223pm72Mixed: Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better; Omaha Hi Lo 8 or Better; "Big O" (5 Card PLO Hi-Lo 8) (3 day event)$1,50025,0002
July 8, 202211amMAIN EVENT - Day 2CD (For all surviving 1C + 1D players)
July 8, 202212pm71BOne More for One Drop No Limit Hold'em Flight B$1,000 + $11140,000unlimited
July 8, 20223pm73Razz (3 day event)$1,50025,0000
July 9, 202211amMAIN EVENT - Day 3 (combine all fields into one for first time)
July 9, 202212pm71COne More for One Drop No Limit Hold'em Flight C$1,000 + $11140,000unlimited
July 9, 20223pm74BOUNTY Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed (every player is a $500 bounty) (3 day event)$1,50025,0002
July 10, 202211amMAIN EVENT - Day 4
July 10, 202212pm75ALucky 7's No Limit Hold'em 7-Handed Flight A $777,777 Guaranteed 1st place - (5 day event) (Payouts every flight) $77740,000unlimited
July 10, 20223pm76Poker Hall of Fame Bounty No Limit Hold'em (freezeout) (every Hall of Famer is a bounty) (2 day event)$1,97930,000unlimited
July 11, 202211amMAIN EVENT - Day 5
July 11, 202212pm75BLucky 7's No Limit Hold'em 7-Handed Flight B$77740,000unlimited
July 11, 20221pm77Mixed No Limit Hold'em; Pot-Limit Omaha (8-Handed) (3 day event)$1,50025,0002
July 11, 20223pm78No Limit Hold’em (3 day event)$2,50035,0001
July 12, 202211amMAIN EVENT - Day 6
July 12, 202212pm75CLucky 7's No Limit Hold'em 7-Handed Flight C$77740,000unlimited
July 12, 20223pm79Razz Championship (3 day event)$10,00060,0000
July 13, 202211amMAIN EVENT - Plays down to 9 players
July 13, 202212pm80Mixed No Limit Hold'em; Pot-Limit Omaha Deepstack (8-Handed) (2 day event)$60030,0002
July 13, 20223pm81Freezeout No Limit Hold’em 8-Handed (3 day event)$5,00050,0000
July 14, 202211amMAIN EVENT - Day Off
July 14, 202212pm828-Handed No Limit Hold’em Deepstack (2 day event)$80040,0001
July 14, 20221pm83HIGH ROLLER No Limit Hold’em (3 day event)$50,000300,0001
July 14, 20223pm84H.O.R.S.E. (Limit Hold'em; Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better; Razz; Seven Card Stud; Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better) (3 day event)$3,00040,0000
July 15, 2022TBDMAIN EVENT - Final Table
July 15, 202212pm85AThe Closer - No Limit Hold’em Flight A (payouts each flight) (3 day event)$1,50050,0001 / flight
July 15, 20223pm866-Handed No Limit Hold'em Championship (3 day event)$10,00060,0000
July 16, 2022TBDMAIN EVENT - Final Table
July 16, 202212pm85BThe Closer - No Limit Hold’em Flight B (payouts each flight)$1,50050,0001 / flight
July 16, 20223pm878-Handed No Limit Hold'em (2 day event)$5,00050,0001
July 17, 202211am88Super Turbo No Limit Hold'em (1 day event)$1,00020,0001
July 18, 202211am89Tournanent of Champions Day 1$0
July 19, 202211amTournanent of Champions Day 2$0
July 20, 2022TBDTournanent of Champions Day 3$0

Plenty of online action ahead at

Once again, online poker is playing a major role in the action this summer. Despite Michigan’s recent addition to the country’s online poker interstate compact, Stewart and Effel don’t expect the state to be included in the’s All America Poker Network this summer.

That includes New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware as of now. Michigan and Pennsylvania will also offer online bracelet events in those markets as well. Numerous satellites,  qualifiers, and freerolls will run daily. The platform is offering a total of 14 bracelet events across all markets.

“We do always encourage those who want to play online and live,” Eiffel noted. “The Internet is good (at the venues), so there should be no issues with making a live sports bet, playing online poker, and playing in the live bracelet events all at the same time.”

Here’s a complete look at the online events.

2022 WSOP online bracelet events

Sunday, June 5High Roller Freezeout$5,300NV, NJ
Sunday, June 5Big $500$500NV, NJ, PA, MI
Sunday, June 12Ultra Deepstack$400NV, NJ, PA, MI
Sunday, June 19PLO 6-Max$1,000NV, NJ
Sunday, June 19PLO 6-Max$500PA, MI
Sunday, June 26Online Deepstack Championship$600NV, NJ, PA, MI
Tuesday, June 28Turbo Deepstack$500NV, NJ
Sunday, July 3NLH Deepstack$500NV, NJ, PA, MI
Sunday, July 10Lucky 7s High Roller$7,777NV, NJ
Sunday, July 10Online Bracelet Championship$1,000NV, NJ, PA, MI
Tuesday, July 12High Roller$3,200NV, NJ
Saturday, July 16Lucky 7s Second Chance$777NV, NJ, PA, MI
Sunday, July 17High Roller Freezeout Encore$5,300NV, NJ
Sunday, July 17Summer Saver$500NV, NJ, PA, MI

Player of the Year

Along with updates on the venues, the WSOP also released details on this year’s Player of the Year race. The annual competition includes 97 bracelet events, 83 live and 14 online.

The standings exclude only the casino employees, seniors, super seniors, ladies and tag team events. The POY earns a trophy and a free seat in next year’s $10,000 Main Event. A banner of each winner is also displayed each year during the WSOP.

Last year, Josh Arieh earned the honor after scoring two bracelets and three more final table appearances. Phil Hellmuth finished second in the race with Daniel Negreanu coming in third. Negreanu is ready for the action to begin and will once again be vlogging throughout the series.

USPoker coverage

Look for plenty of coverage throughout this summer’s events. USPoker will offer twice-weekly updates as well as features on winners and other players throughout the festival.

On Monday, look for USPoker’s annual look at some players to watch this summer.

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