VIDEO VIBES: Analyzing the Daniel Negreanu-Doug Polk Online Poker Streaming Options

November 13, 2020
VIDEO VIBES: Analyzing the Daniel Negreanu-Doug Polk Online Poker Streaming Options

Those new to following streaming online poker may want to give the High Stakes Feud between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu a shot. As the action plays out online, both camps have streams tailored toward “their player.”

For many poker fans, following online poker might not compare to televised live events like the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour. However, this event has a few things going for it that may bring more players into the poker streaming realm.

A major US online poker event 

With the current poker boom underway, the Negreanu-Polk is a big deal for legal, real money US online poker. The matchup puts the game in a nice spotlight.

After four sessions, Polk remains up in the series winning $180,865. Negreanu won his first online session on Wednesday however, with another session set for Friday.

It’s a massive shot in the arm for the American market, drawing plenty of viewers and interest. The high stakes match includes:

That last bullet point is great for poker fans. And unlike televised events, this High Stakes Feud gives viewers some options. As an ambassador for GGPoker, the poker platform’s streaming team is covering the event. 

Polk’s Upswing Poker also streams the play at the tables. Polk and Ryan Fee founded the training site in 2015 and the stream caters to students and poker fans alike.

Upswing has become one of the largest training sites in the world. No doubt the match has added some extra recruits to the ranks. Streaming the series also works in GG’s favor with some nice marketing opportunities as well.

What does the streamed matchup offer fans?

For those checking out Polk-Negreanu, there’s value on both streams.  With two tables playing out simultaneously, the action is fast and furious.

This gives viewers plenty to check out and the analysis adds a lot to the coverage. An additional advantage in streaming something like this is the time limit. It’s not a huge time investment, with the sessions clocking in at just two hours so far.

Someone could have the stream on in the background and check in and out. Also, those viewing later have the option to fast forward here and they’re looking for big moments.

Both streams also offer post-match interviews with both players. If streaming online poker never seemed fun or accessible, this event might change that perspective. 

Following the feud at GGPoker’s stream

The GGPoker stream is hosted by GGSquad member Kevin Martin, a former winner of Big Brother Canada. Martin has been accompanied so far by Koray “KakiTee” Turner and Ricky “ratedGTO” Guan.

All three are poker streamers and offer some unique insight into the matchup. Martin does a nice job calling the action and keeping viewers entertained.

And despite a Negreanu angle, Martin and Turner even discussed a wager the two have on the matchup. Martin has Negreanu and Turner has his money on Polk.

“I really feel like Daniel is the hero entering this match,” Martin said during the first stream of the online play.

Turner even noted on Wednesday’s stream that he hoped Daniel lost “every single session.” Guan has heads-up experience as well and offers some nice insight for viewers.

There some great entertainment value that remains high throughout the stream, despite occasional technical difficulties.

Analysis from Team Polk’s streaming action

Over at Doug Polk’s stream (YouTube and Twitch), Fee and Shaun Deeb called the action on Wednesday. They take a laid-back approach with plenty of hand analysis and stories surrounding the rivalry.

Fee is no stranger to poker success, both live and online. He has one WSOP bracelet and more than $3 million in live winnings. Deeb has won four WSOP bracelets and has plenty of online winnings as well. In 2018, he won the WSOP Player of the Year title.

The two offer some interesting analysis on how Negreanu can improve his odds. Deeb discussed how strategies may shift and advance throughout the series.

Upswing’s stream does a nice job of updating the stats on the series at the bottom of the screen. The commentators also offer some fun looks into the life of being a poker pro.

Some of the discussion even moves away from the match at hand. Deeb detailed battling COVID-19, which included playing some online poker while in the hospital.

While they may be on team Polk, Deeb and Fee aren’t afraid to give Negreanu some props. For the fourth session, both expressed surprise at the number of three-bets Negreanu was making. They also noted some unfortunate run outs for Negreanu.

“Daniel’s run really bad,” Deeb noted on Wednesday’s stream. “A lot of hands he’s had a lot of equity and it just never gets there. That really will frustrate you in this match.”

What’s missing from the coverage?

Fee and Deeb discussed one thing that might be missing from the matchup overall – video of Polk and Negreanu playing. The live element from PokerGO was entertaining viewing.

Adding some kind of live element checking in with the players during the online element would be great. Like a golf tournament, maybe the announcers could check in one in a while to the player cams.

Some reactions from each at winning or losing a pot would offer some added drama. The post-match interviews at least offer some hand discussion and reaction. These two guys certainly aren’t shy about chit chat on camera.

The live session from the PokerGO Studio brought a little spirit of kumbaya as the rivals shared some laughs. The matchup may have just thawed the chill between these two players somewhat – at least for now.

“They’re both very emotional guys, this is super personal,” Deeb noted. “I think this has mellowed out both of them a little bit.”


For complete coverage of the Negreanu-Polk matchup, visit the USPoker Negreanu-Polk coverage page for updates, links, and videos. The next session is set for Friday, Nov. 12, at 5:30 ET.

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