Global Poker Hopes Crazy Pineapple Will Be Fruitful

November 13, 2018
Global Poker Hopes Crazy Pineapple Will Be Fruitful

For many poker players, the selection of games to play varies between no-limit hold’em and (maybe) pot-limit Omaha. Thankfully, Global Poker is keeping things fresh by adding Crazy Pineapple to its lineup.

Crazy Pineapple is now available on the site for micro-, low-, and mid-limit play. The game can add some extra excitement to your poker slate if you’re finding the usual options stale.

Great – so what is Crazy Pineapple?

If adding a new game seems a bit daunting, don’t worry. Crazy Pineapple is merely a variant of Texas hold’em, albeit with an important twist.

Before the flop, players receive hole cards that others cannot see, like hold’em. However, they will receive three hole cards from the deck, instead of the two found in hold’em.

The first round of betting takes place using all three cards. Any players remaining after this round of betting proceed to the flop.

Here’s where the game gets interesting. All players remaining must choose a card to discard after seeing the flop. Presumably, each will choose the card that least improves their hand.

Play then proceeds as a normal hold’em hand. Players will wager on a turn and river and determine a winner at showdown.

Of course, since each player chose the best two cards out of three, overall winning hand strength is going to go up. It might not be quite as pronounced as the winning hand strength in Omaha, but bigger hands will be far more common than a typical hold’em game.

Reading a player will also be more difficult. The third card will allow players to make it to showdown with more random hand combinations – ones that would be harder to play in a straight hold’em game.

On the other hand, the greater range of playable hands means that the pots will grow larger. So, there will be opportunities for huge wins in Crazy Pineapple.

Does anyone play this game in real life?

Yes, but not much. Crazy Pineapple does make the rotations of several cardrooms around the world.

It even pops up on the World Poker Tour from time to time. Unfortunately, the game’s narrow appeal tends to limit the player pool in those events.

However, you’d probably not find it in smaller rooms because those venues have to maximize their table time with Hold’em. By and large, Crazy Pineapple is more of a variant for private games.

Is there such a thing as Sane Pineapple?

Not exactly – it’s simply called Pineapple. In that game, the discard happens prior to the pre-flop betting round.

So, players are making their decisions in a more straightforward way. They do not get the opportunity to match their holdings to the board in “crazy” ways.

There is also another variant called Lazy or Tahoe Pineapple. In that version of the game, players do not discard their third card until after betting completes on the river.

All three versions, especially Lazy Pineapple, blur the line between hold’em and Omaha. The game picks up the drawing characteristic of Omaha, but restricts players to a narrower range of holdings (presumably).

Try Crazy Pineapple on Global Poker for free

If you want to give Crazy Pineapple a try, you can do it without taking any risk. Global Poker is more than happy to front you a bit of scratch to get started.

Just for signing for a Global Poker account, players will receive 5,000 Gold Coins. From there, you can start purchasing Gold Coins at your leisure.

Now, if you’re new to Global Poker, what you need to know is that the site operates on a sweepstakes model. So, you buy Gold Coins for real money, but these Gold Coins are not redeemable or withdrawable. Instead, the pieces that you can cash out are called $weeps Coins.

Global Poker gives out $weeps Coins free with every Gold Coin purchase. Players can cash out their $weeps Coins for real cash prizes at any time.

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