Global Poker Jackpot Sit’n’Go Tournaments Can Mean Big Bucks In Little Time

Bart Shirley February 15, 2019 4448 Reads

Global Poker Jackpot Sit’n’Go (SnG) tournaments debuted on Feb. 15 to bring big money to players in a matter of minutes. Players could win up to SC$100,000 nearly instantly.

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How Jackpot Sit’n’Go tournaments work

The Global Poker Jackpot Sit’n’Go tourneys function much like their counterparts at other sites. Each tournament is a three-handed SnG that offers players a random multiple of their buy-in as the prize pool.

Each jackpot sit’n’go is a hyper turbo in terms of blinds. Blind levels last a scant three minutes. As a result, each Jackpot Sit’n’Go runs only a few minutes – most are shorter than 10 minutes total.

The nice thing is that in those 10 minutes, players can win scads of money. The prize multipliers range from 2x to 2000x the players’ buy-in. The 2000x prize level is also called the jackpot level.

The catch is that it is far less likely to receive a chance at the jackpot level than at the others. In fact, according to the table Global Poker provides, only two out of every 100,000 matches will run at the 2000x multiplier.

While that probability renders a jackpot round quite unlikely, there are several different tiers of prize multiples available. As it happens, over 31 percent of Global Poker’s Jackpot Sit’n’Go tournaments have prize multipliers above the 2x minimum.

Most prize levels will run as winner-take-all games. However, the jackpot level will yield a 75/15/10 split so that each competitor will receive some of the big prize.

There are four buy-in levels for Jackpot SnGs. Players can play for SC$2/GC 2,000, SC$6/GC 6,000, SC$15/GC 15,000, or SC$50/GC $50,000. The jackpot level for the highest buy-in is a cool SC$100,000.

Here is the probability breakdown for Sweeps Coins (SC). The breakdown for Gold Coins (GC) is quite similar.

Prizepool Multiplier Probability SC $2 Entry SC $6 Entry SC $15 Entry SC $50 Entry
2,000x 2 in 100,000 SC $4,000 SC $12,000 SC $30,000 SC $100,000
100x 5 in 100,000 SC $200 SC $600 SC $1,500 SC $5,000
50x 10 in 100,000 SC $100 SC $300 SC $750 SC $2,500
20x 200 in 100,000 SC $40 SC $120 SC $300 SC $1,000
6x 5,000 in 100,000 SC $12 SC $36 SC $90 SC $300
4x 25,967 in 100,000 SC $8 SC $24 SC $60 SC $200
2x 68,816 in 100,000 SC $4 SC $12 SC $30 SC $100

Players can play up to four Jackpot SnGs at a time. However, they will need to register for each one individually — it did not appear that the ability to choose multiple entries simultaneously was active yet.

Global Poker keeps on chugging along

This latest feature from Global Poker further puts the unique site on the map. Global Poker remains one of the only options for US players in all 50 states to play cards online.

The site is about halfway through its most recent tournament series, Grizzly Games II. As we reported late last month, the series came with SC$850,000 in guarantees and the promise of 158 Grizzly Games trophies.

In fact, there are still over a dozen Grizzly Games II tournaments remaining on the schedule. So, interested players have plenty of opportunities to get in on the action.

Global Poker is also one of the few spots online where players can play Crazy Pineapple. The Hold’em variant, where players are dealt three cards pre-flop but must discard one post-flop, remains steadfast in Global Poker’s menu. There are even Grizzly Games tournaments involving the game.

Global’s continued success in the US is quite remarkable, considering its unique structure and the legal environment in the country. The site’s dual currency system and other unique attributes distinguish Global Poker as one of the few sweepstakes online poker sites in existence.

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