New Jersey Online Poker Rooms Gave Away Thousands In Tournament Overlays Last Weekend

August 9, 2017
New Jersey Online Poker Rooms Gave Away Thousands In Tournament Overlays Last Weekend


Sunday has always been a special day for online poker players. The “day of rest” is the day online poker sites around the globe host their biggest weekly tournaments, and New Jersey is no exception. While the NJ online poker tournament schedule varies weekly there is always a ton of great guarantees and overlay.

Every Sunday, New Jersey’s four online poker operators offer up over $200,000 in tournament guarantees across their signature events.

Here’s a look at the biggest tournaments at each site.

PokerStars “Big 3” serve up $75k in guarantees

The $50k Sunday Special

PokerStars is home to the largest weekly guaranteed tournament in the New Jersey market, which also happens to be the least expensive. The Sunday Special features a $200 buy-in and a $50,000 guarantee, making it $15 cheaper and $10,000 richer than its competitor’s flagship Sunday events.

The tournament is raked seven percent; $186 of the $200 entry fee goes to the prize-pool and $14 to tournament fees.

This week’s Sunday Special tournament boasted 250 entries (161 entrants plus 89 re-entries) leading to a $3,500 overlay. The winner of the Sunday Special takes home around $10,000 on average.

MTT Buy-In GTD Entries Prize-Pool Overlay
Sunday Special $50K GTD (Reentry) $200 $50,000 250 $ 50,000 $3,500

More signature Sunday events from PokerStars NJ

In addition to the Sunday Special, PokerStars NJ also hosts Sunday tournaments with guarantees of $10k and $15k respectively.

MTT Buy In GTD Entries Prize-Pool Overlay
$500 Sunday High Roller (Reentry) $500 $15,000 50 $23,500
$50 Sunday Warmup (Reentry) $50 $10,000 201 $10,000 $854.50

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Pala: the place for overlays

The consistent overlays across all of Pala’s tournaments should be a huge draw for New Jersey poker players.

Pala Poker hasn’t created a signature Sunday event yet. Pala Poker is a late-arriver in New Jersey (it’s still in beta testing) and is simply trying to carve out a place in the crowded New Jersey online poker market.

As such, Pala offers a consistent daily tournament schedule Monday – Sunday.

Pala recently announced it will be overhauling its daily tournament schedule by lowering guarantees but adding more events. The changes went into effect on Monday, so this past week was the last running of Pala’s Nightly $500 guaranteed Turbo tournament.

Going forward, the 8 PM, $500 Turbo tournament will essentially be split into two separate tournaments.

Start Time Tournament Buy-in Guarantee
  8:00 pm  Nightly $250 Gtd NLHE Turbo $10 $250
  8:30 pm  Nightly $250 Gtd (6-Handed) NLHE Turbo $10 $250

The last incarnation of the $500 tournament drew 15 players, generating a $220 overlay. Three players were the beneficiaries:

  • 1st Place $ 250 – “FatalFlaws2”
  • 2nd Place $ 150 – “captvideo”
  • 3rd place $ 100 – “GazzilianAir2”

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Borgata-party-MGM guarantee over $70,000 every Sunday

The $40k Guarantee

The network consisting of Borgata, partypoker, and MGM online poker hosts a $40,000 guarantee tournament every Sunday. The tournament has a $215 buy-in, $15 of which goes to tournament fees, which works out to a seven percent rake.

MTT Start Time Buy-In GTD Entries Prize-Pool Overlay
SUNDAY $40K GTD NLH [3X RE] + BONUS 5:00pm  $215  $40,000 201  $ 40,200  –

The winner of the Sunday $40K GTD usually pockets somewhere in the neighborhood of $8,000 – $10,000, depending on the number of entries.

This week’s winner, “NoXcape” walked away with $6,878 after essentially chopping the tournament with the eventual runner-up, “siggzmac” whose share of the prize pool was $6,629.

More signature Sunday events from Borgata/party/MGM

In addition to the network’s flagship event, it also runs a full slate of Sunday tournaments at a variety of different price-points designed to work for any budget.

Last weekend, three of the tournaments had overlays, including an impressive $2,200 overlay in the $10k guaranteed Sunday Seconds tournament.

MTT Start Time Buy In GTD Entries Prize-Pool Overlay
SUNDAY STARTER $3K GTD [2X RE] 4:00pm  $55  $3,000 59  $2,950  $50
SUNDAY SECONDS $10K GTD [2X RE] 6:00pm  $162  $10,000 52  $7,800  $2,200
DAILY $10K GTD  [2X RE] 7:00pm  $109  $10,000 111  $11,100  –
$3,000 GTD Turbo [2x RE] 7:30pm  $5  $3,000 63  $3,150  –
SUNDAY WRAP UP $5K GTD [2X RE] 8:00pm  $109  $5,000 45  $4,500  $500

partypoker offers $25 to new players. Sign up here. Where Warriors battle it out for $60k

The $40k Warrior

Every Sunday, the and 888 network host “The Warrior,” a $215 buy-in tournament with a $40,000 guarantee. If that looks familiar, it’s essentially the same tournament as Borgata/party/MGM.

MTT Buy-In GTD Entries Prize-Pool Overlay
$215 The Warrior $40K GTD (Reentry) $215 $40,000 196 $ 40,000 $800

Other signature Sunday events at 888/ have two other big tournaments on its Sunday schedule, both offering guarantees of $10,000.

MTT Buy In GTD Entries Prize-Pool Overlay
 $50 Warrior’s Opening Strike (Reentry) $50 $15,000 219 $10,000 $35.50
$100 Fierce Warrior  (Reentry) $100 $10,000 117 $10,647

Additionally, once a month the network hosts the “Big Deal” a $500 buy-in with $30,000 guarantee.

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