Online Poker Strategy Session: Zoom & FastForward Tips from the LearnWPT Team

March 2, 2023
Online Poker Strategy Session: Zoom & FastForward Tips from the LearnWPT Team

Zoom Poker recently debuted on PokerStars in the US and BetMGM players can already play FastForward cash games on that platform. This turbo-charged action moves players quickly from table to table, keeping the chips moving quickly.

Players new to these online poker options will find a completely different experience. USPoker recently spoke with some of the team at LearnWPT, the training site partner of the World Poker Tour. Longtime online poker players and site trainers Michael Gagliano and Eric Lynch teamed up to provide some tips on playing these types of fast-fold games.

The two players have won millions of dollars online and have a combined $3 million in live tournament winnings. Here’s a look at their advice on jumping in the Zoom and FastForward action.

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Eric Lynch
Mike Gagliano

How should players approach these fast-fold games compared to regular cash games?

One of the biggest edges in games is that people aren’t patient enough and make mistakes out of boredom. That doesn’t really exist in fast-fold games as much, so typically fast-fold games have a lower edge than non-fast-fold games.

That can pretty easily be made up in volume though. We suggest focusing on having a very solid fundamental game for these since reads and exploits are less of a factor, although you can learn population exploits if you play in the same fast-fold pool regularly.

What about bankroll management? What are some tips on that front considering the action moves so much quicker?

Proper bankroll management in these games is even more important since your edge is typically lower but volume is higher.

Don’t “take shots” in these games and follow standard bankroll management pretty strictly, but we don’t have any special requirements beyond that.

Is there a difference in starting hand ranges in these types of games?

Solid GTO (game theory optimization) hand ranges are the best default. In these games sometimes the population will over-fold though, so stealing a bit more in late position can be a solid exploitative adjustment.

The same boredom and “desire for action” that exists in normal games can manifest itself in fast-fold games differently. Players may just auto fold hands they could profitably defend their button or blinds with if they don’t look good so they can speed on to the next hand.

What has been your own experience when playing fast-fold games? What was your overall learning curve to find a nice strategy?

They tend to be a lot tighter since players can fold at any point and immediately move on to the next hand. So a solid style using good preflop ranges and very balanced postflop play works well.

As you learn more about population tendencies in your particular game bluffs can often have a higher success rate as well.

Any other recommendations for fast-fold cash game players?

Most of the time the biggest edge you have over opponents is patience and picking your spots. Boredom and frustration by your opponents manifests itself in different ways in fast-fold games as opposed to normal games, so adjusting to account for that and having solid preflop ranges and postflop lines works best.

Your win rate will likely be slightly lower in these games but the ability to see hundreds of hands per hour can make up for it.

Also, don’t overthink it, it’s still just poker. A lot of players tend to play too tight because they’re itching to fold and move onto the next hand. So be sure you’re not playing overly tight in spots. Other than that just stick to your usual game plan!

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