POKER TV: Taking a Wild Ride With the New ‘Poker Face’ Show Now Available on Peacock Network 

February 14, 2023
POKER TV: Taking a Wild Ride With the New ‘Poker Face’ Show Now Available on Peacock Network 

Producer, director, and filmmaker Rian Johnson drops an enjoyable, fun show in his new network drama Poker Face. Not to be confused with the recent Russell Crowe film or the Lady Gaga song, the Peacock network plays host to the new murder mystery show.

Johnson directs the new show Poker Face, which draws a nice hand when it comes to entertainment value. Like poker players picking off a bluff, actress Natasha Lyonne impresses – calling BS on the liars she encounters.

The 10-episode crime drama starts with Lyonne’s past as a card shark and her incredible skills at reading players. She’s a human lie detector who is dealt a bad hand when her friend is murdered.

Calling out bluffs

In the show, Lyonne plays bumbling casino cocktail waitress Charlie. After being blackballed from all the poker games in the area, she decides to make a deal with a local casino and is offered a job.

Charlie takes viewers on a wild ride piecing together her friend’s murder, which was labeled a suicide. She may live in a trailer and lay low due to a tarnished poker reputation, but her unique gift agt picking up tells has drawn the attention of notorious casino boss Sterling Frost Jr., portrayed by Adrien Brody.

Little does Charlie know, Sterling has a bone to pick and is out for revenge. After a high stakes poker game goes bad, the stakes are raised in later episodes.

Her love of solving mysteries also lands Charlie in hot water with the dangerous Frost. Sr (voiced by Ron Perlman) and the “muscle” man Cliff (Benjamin Bratt).

‘Knives Out’ to all in

Johnson is coming off of his theatrical hit Knives Out and Poker Face follows. He served as writer and director of the pilot, with later episodes featuring various directors, including Lyonne. 

The episodes available on demand are a sure bet, offering binge-worthy television with many cameos from along the way. Some of those making guest appearances include:

  • Ellen Barkin
  • John Hodgman
  • Jameela Jamil
  • Lil Rel Howery
  • Tim Meadows
  • Chloë Sevigny
  • Simon Helberg
  • John Ratzenberger
  • Judith Light
  • Hong Chau

Some critics are already comparing the show to the classic detective series Columbo, and the series has generally received positive reviews. Johnson shuffles up the normal “whodunit” murder mystery genre. Viewers don’t have to worry about spoilers because the show reveals the murderer right from the start.

Despite revealing the murderer, Poker Face certainly keeps your interest. The audience watches Charlie try to piece together who is the murderer and also prove the case.. 

At times, Charlie’s leisurely pace and straightforward detective work may seem too easy going. But don’t let that stop you from joining her on this thrilling journey through the world of murder, mystery, and intrigue.

Casino action included in the fun

Poker Face was filmed in New Mexico and Nevada. In August, the production crew descended on Albuquerque to capture footage.

Filming then shifted to Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino in Laughlin in September. The property stood in as the fictional Frost Casino, adding an extra touch of glitz and glamor to the show. 

Poker Face is now available on demand on Peacock with episodes from 45-60 minutes each. Put on your poker face and see if you can keep up with Charlie.

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