PokerStars NJ Still Holding Down Top Spot In New Jersey

April 4, 2016
PokerStars NJ Still Holding Down Top Spot In New Jersey

Two weeks after its official launch in New Jersey, PokerStars continues to enjoy an edge over its online poker competitors in the state.

The latest numbers for NJ online poker

PokerStars has led the way in New Jersey pretty much from its official launch on March 21 (a soft launch came on March 16).

According to the latest data from tracking site PokerScout, PokerStars NJ has averaged 180 cash-game players over the past week, with a 24-hour peak of 386 players.

Here is the traffic at the other two NJ online poker networks:

  • WSOP /888: 150 7-day average, 352 24-hour peak.
  • Party Borgata: 100 7-day average, 220 24-hour peak.

Good news, but still too early to tell

This week’s numbers fall roughly in line with figures from last Monday, but with a slight uptick for PokerStars and WSOP/888:

  • PokerStars NJ – 160 average
  • WSOP NJ /888 NJ – 140
  • Borgata / PartyPoker NJ – 95

It appears that, for the moment, PokerStars has expanded the New Jersey online poker market. Before the PokerStars soft launch in the middle of March, the NJ market was averaging just over 300 players.

Whether those traffic numbers will remain at the new high-water mark — after the newness of PokerStars being back in the U.S. wears off — remains to be seen. The increased traffic could also be attributed to promotions at all of the NJ poker sites.

The numbers come as NJ online poker hopes to gain more traction in the state, even as online casino revenue continues to grow.

All the NJ promotions

There are new or expanded promotions at nearly all of the NJ sites, in the hopes of attracting more players both in the short- and long-term (or staving off PokerStars, for the other four sites):

Finally, here is a comparison of all the current bonus promotions at all NJ poker sites.

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