Former Full Tilt Poker Pro Richard Brodie Wins Global Poker Tournament Of Champions

November 5, 2018
Former Full Tilt Poker Pro Richard Brodie Wins Global Poker Tournament Of Champions

When the dust settled on the Global Poker Eagle Cup Tournament of Champions, the only sound to be heard was the soft roar from a player named Quiet Lion. As it turns out, the man behind the name, Richard Brodie, has lived a life that has been anything but quiet.

Brodie prevailed in the Tournament of Champions on Oct. 28. In doing so, he secured a $5000 prize package to a live event of his choice. The prize package includes travel and accommodation, so Brodie will be set to represent Global Poker at a big tournament in the future.

The tournament of choice will likely occur in early 2019. Brodie, who mostly plays online poker, wants to let a bit of time pass so he is not playing during the rush of tournaments in the holiday season.

Brodie advanced to the Tournament of Champions after winning the Eagle Cup’s Medium Main Event. In a statement, he downplayed his skill in winning the prize package.

“I got lucky,” said Brodie. “I kept winning every all-in.”

Brodie went on to say that the timing of the tournament was also fortuitous. In a hilariously human statement, he mentioned that most tournaments run during his dinner time, but thankfully, this one began at 11 AM.

Don’t trust Brodie’s poker humility for one second

Brodie also expressed how much he enjoys Global Poker, due to the site’s focus on recreational players. He said that the games are more fun because the people are more fun.

He also enjoys the site because of its structure. The road to qualifying for a major tournament was shorter than at other sites.

Based upon his statements, one might think that Brodie was merely a recreational player who luckboxed his way into a big win. In reality, there is little about Richard Brodie that is not exceptional.

Brodie is a former Full Tilt Poker Red Pro from the time before Black Friday. He has nearly a quarter of a million dollars in live tournament earnings.

Those earnings come from a variety of small but sizable tournament scores, including seven World Series of Poker cashes and three World Poker Tour finishes. He also won the Ace-to-Five Lowball event at the 2008 BARGE.

In fact, he made a cameo as a poker player in the 2008 comedy movie The Grand. To give an idea of the company he was in, other pros to appear in the movie include Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, and Phil Hellmuth.

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Brodie already has a place in history


However, Brodie’s contributions to the world outside of poker dwarf those of most men. Brodie is the creator of both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Notepad.

He was the 77th employee to come aboard the Bill Gates-led operation in 1981. He served as Word’s primary author and finished the project in a scant seven months. By his own admission, he wrote Notepad almost on a lark.

Somewhat disillusioned by his success, he left the company in 1986. He then returned in 1991 as the company’s chief software designer. In that time, he oversaw the creation of Microsoft Access.

He left Microsoft for good in 1994.

Self-help author

Brodie found that the money and success he achieved at Microsoft did not give him happiness. So, during his first break from Microsoft, he began to engage in self-improvement. He became a regular attendee of self-help seminars and conferences.

That journey led to the creation of his first self-help book, entitled Getting Past OK: The Self-Help Book for People Who Don’t Need Help. The book sold fairly well, especially in the Washington area.

The book has been republished several times. He also wrote another book, Virus of the Mind, which explored the field of memetics.

Both books are still “in print” as of this writing. In fact, they are both available through Amazon right now.

For his part, Brodie seems more excited about winning an actual poker trophy than the fact he revolutionized word processing, personal computing, and you know, the entire way the country does business.

“I got that big Eagle Cup Trophy,” he bragged. “I love it; it’s fantastic!”

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