STREAM TEAM: Poker’s Top Twitch Personalities Bring Talent in Spades

November 9, 2020
STREAM TEAM: Poker’s Top Twitch Personalities Bring Talent in Spades

The growing Twitch poker medium has become more and more important to growing the game. Streamers on the site host nightly games and that presence has grown even larger in recent months.

Poker sites like PokerStars, partypoker, and Global Poker have taken advantage of it. The sites’ stable of streamers not only promote the online game but also these online poker platforms

Creative players around the world continue adding new and unique poker content. Here’s a look at the platform and a few streamers to check out.

Following the action online via Twitch

Twitch is owned by Amazon and is the world’s leading live streaming site for gamers. It has also become the leading site for live streaming of online poker players.

Poker sites host streamers to educate and entertain players around the globe. Use of the platform hasn’t come without some controversy however

Twitch made headlines over the summer with bans on some big name streamers. The site suspended top streamers such as Dr. Disrespect and poker streamer Daniel Negreanu.

Negreanu threatened a viewer in a fit of rage during one of his World Series of Poker online bracelet event streams. The ban was eventually lifted and Kid Poker apologized for his actions.

Poker streamers come in all varieties. Some focus on entertainment value, while some show how to successfully use good poker strategies for today’s game.

Other streamers are just trying to get their feet wet in the Twitch universe. As the medium continues to grow, here are some poker streamers poker fans may want to tune in.

Poker streaming top dogs 

These streamers have climbed the Twitch ladder and grown a community around their platforms.


Ben Spragg is part of Team PokerStars and is one the most popular streamers currently on Twitch. His streaming career started out with a bang.

While behind the mic, Spraggy took down a $7.50 tournament. he went on grinding up until he reached high stakes success. He keeps his audience entertained through jokes and fun stories.

Lex Veldhuis

Also a member of Team PokerStars, Lex Veldhuis budgets about $60,000 a month in online tournament buy-ins.

This high stakes tournament crusher from the Netherlands currently has 247,000 Twitch followers.

Some Twitch strategy sessions

Doyle Brunson said that he caught a lot of flack for publishing Super System: A Course in Power Poker. The book was the first modern strategy guide.

Many professional players didn’t like the fact he was selling the secrets of the game. Flash forward to 2020 and one the fastest ways to learn the game is by watching streaming video.

This allows players to not only watch, but engage by asking direct questions to the streamer. Here are a couple who do well spreading some strategy advice to the poker masses.

Popular Twitch streamer Jeff Gross gets in the WPT action at the Seminole Hard Rock. (Photo courtesy WPT/Joe Giron)

Jeff Gross 

A member of Team partypoker, Jeff Gross regularly discusses strategy on his stream. He has $5 million in online winnings and players love bouncing online strategy questions off him.

For Gross, streaming and online poker have become a business beyond just hitting the poker tables. He markets clothing and merchandise, and also has sponsorship and partnership deals. His talent at the mic and the table seem to be paying off.

As notes: “With a Twitch online stream, YouTube podcast, and other ventures, Gross has turned his love of poker into much more than just a card game.”


Nevada resident Jarred Gabin has been playing online since the poker boom of the mid-2000s. He even represented team USA in the 2009 PokerStars World Cup.

Every Saturday, Gabin hosts a strategy session live on Twitch to discuss the current state of the game. Grab a notebook to jot down a few concepts.

Hitting the poker table and playing for fun

These streams aren’t poker legends or high-stakes rounders. However, they bring a sense of fun and excitement to the tables.


Some Twitch sites have shown strength in numbers, with multiple players adding to the fun. PlayUSA took advantage of that and offers a team of streamers that play for fun and make it exciting.

Streamers like “Eatahoagie” and “Vinny Goombatz” keep the channel entertaining through dance parties, bad jokes, and off the wall costumes. 

Women in poker streaming the action

Only a small percentage of poker players are women. Players like Vanessa Kade and Courtney Gee are trying to change that via Twitch. Both players mix their unique personalities and skills to attract other women to the tables. 

Courtney Gee

This player from Canada is a part of Team partypoker and has a science degree from the University of British Columbia. After being introduced to the streaming world, Gee decided to make it into a weekly hobby.

Courtney Gee hits the tables on Twitch.

CourtieBEE” has now been streaming for over four years and has a loyal fan base online known as the “Swarm.” She now streams multiple days a week with the goal of keeping her channel fun.

A tournament player, she’s made some deep runs in some major events– with the Swarm following along. 

Vanessa Kade

This Canadian streamer originally worked for BioWare, Disney, and LucasArts before transitioning to Twitch Poker. Kade turned a hobby into a passion and her unique personality makes her stream enjoyable.

That includes sporting her favorite outfits on stream – often entailing a onesie. Vanessa has more than 16,000 followers on Twitch and more than $140,000 in live tournament winnings. 

New kid on the block

Once upon a time you needed advanced computer skills to produce a streaming channel. Now anyone with a decent computer, camera, and access to self-help videos on Youtube can get started easily. 

Chef Will

This upcoming streamer is highlighted weekly on the GlobalPokerLive stream. His twitter profile reads: “Retired chef turned poker player, amateur poker player … ” Will keeps his streams entertaining with hard rock and a carefree attitude that attracts plenty of new fans.


Twitch remains a growing powerhouse for poker with new streamers jumping online every day. According to a Syracuse University report, online gaming is now outpacing most sports in hours watched by younger demographics.

As the platform continues to grow, poker remains a big part of that. This offers an even bigger opportunity to bring more players into the game.

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