PokerStars Announces Inaugural New Jersey Turbo Series

February 19, 2018
PokerStars Announces Inaugural New Jersey Turbo Series

PokerStars recently announced the debut of the New Jersey Turbo Series, featuring a variety of fast-paced turbo and hyper-turbo tournaments.

Turbo Series Replaces TCOOP

Earlier this year, PokerStars revealed its plan to replace the popular Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) with the newly formed Turbo Series. And now, for the first time since poker launched in the Garden State, New Jersey has its own version.

The 28-event, $250,000 guaranteed New Jersey Turbo Series will run Feb. 22 to March 4. Buy-ins will range from $15 to $150 and include fast structures in most standard formats and some novelty formats including bubble rush, big stacks, and zoom.

The series opens Feb. 22 with the $150 buy-in, $15,000 Kickoff event and closes March 4 with a $100 buy-in, $25,000 guaranteed Main Event.

These two events bookend an affordable series that is sure to draw large crowds and produce big prize pools. And while buy-ins start at $15, there are satellites and qualifiers running to help you win a seat for less.

A Busy New Jersey Tournament Calendar

It’s an active month for online poker tournaments in New Jersey with the 57-event New Jersey Poker Classic at 888poker currently underway. And there’s the potential for another big series on the horizon, with the anticipated Garden State Super Series (GSSS) from Borgata and partypoker expected in March.

This is good news for New Jersey-based players. More options mean more players which bodes well for the tournament numbers and online poker as a whole.

Inaugural New Jersey Turbo Series Schedule

The Turbo Series schedule includes two daily events Monday through Friday, along with three events on Saturdays and four events on Sundays. All tournaments are no-limit hold’em unless otherwise noted and, of course, all times are Eastern.

Make note that the schedule is subject to change. The most recent schedule will be published in the PokerStars client. You can read the complete terms and conditions for the New Jersey Turbo Series here.

DayDateTime (ET)EventBuy-InGuarantee
Thurs22-Feb8:00 p.m.Event #1: Kickoff$150$15,000
Thurs22-Feb10:00 p.m.Event #2: 4-Max$50$7,500
Fri23-Feb8:00 p.m.Event #3: NLO8, 6-Max$50$5,000
Fri23-Feb10:00 p.m.Event #4: Hyper, PKO$100$7,500
Sat24-Feb8:00 p.m.Event #5: Bigstack Turbo$150$12,000
Sat24-Feb9:00 p.m.Event #6: 6-Max, Zoom$30$5,000
Sat24-Feb10:00 p.m.Event #7: Hyper$100$7,500
Sun25-Feb7:00 p.m.Event #8: 6-Max$75$10,000
Sun25-Feb8:00 p.m.Event #9: 5CPLO, 6-Max$200$12,000
Sun25-Feb9:00 p.m.Event #10: Bubble Rush$30$7,500
Sun25-Feb10:00 p.m.Event #11: Sunday Supersonic SE, Hyper$75$10,000
Mon26-Feb8:00 p.m.Event #12: 6-Max, Shootout $100$7,500
Mon26-Feb10:00 p.m.Event #13: 4-Max$150$15,000
Tues27-Feb8:00 p.m.Event #14: NLO8, 6-Max$100$7,500
Tues27-Feb10:00 p.m.Event #15: Hyper, 8-Max $200$15,000
Wed28-Feb8:00 p.m.Event #16: 3x-Turbo $15$5,000
Wed28-Feb10:00 p.m.Event #17: Win the Button$150$12,000
Thurs01-Mar8:00 p.m.Event #18: PLO, 8-Max $30$5,000
Thurs01-Mar10:00 p.m.Event #19: Deep Hyper$250$15,000
Fri02-Mar8:00 p.m.Event #20: PKO$100$7,500
Fri02-Mar10:00 p.m.Event #21: Hyper$50$7,500
Sat03-Mar8:00 p.m.Event #22: Deep, 6-Max$30$5,000
Sat03-Mar9:00 p.m.Event #23: 4-Max, Zoom$100$10,000
Sat03-Mar10:00 p.m.Event #24: Hyper, PKO$50$5,000
Sun04-Mar5:00 p.m.Event #25: 6-Max, Deep$50$10,000
Sun04-Mar7:00 p.m.Event #26: Main Event, Deep$100$25,000
Sun04-Mar8:30 p.m.Event #27: PLO 6-Max$150$10,000
Sun04-Mar10:00 p.m.Event #28: Sunday Supersonic SE, Hyper$100$10,000
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