US ONLINE POKER PLANS: Complete previews and schedules for April 27 – May 3

April 27, 2020
US ONLINE POKER PLANS: Complete previews and schedules for April 27 – May 3

After some huge events, there is a bit of a calm before the storm this week in the American online poker market. A few major events roll on this week as a couple others wrap up.

With record fields in recent events at Global Poker,, and PokerStars, it will be interesting to see what develops in May. Here’s your complete online poker guide for this week.

  • WSOPSpring Online Championships offer added value; April freerolls continue
  • PokerStarsSCOOP wraps in NJ on Monday
  • Partypoker/ – New events added to weekly tournament slate
  • Global Poker – Big daily events coninue

Where can you play online poker?

American online players have a few options to get in the action. The markets are still small in comparison to large international poker markets. However, here are four states currently offering legal online poker for real money.

New Jersey

  • PokerStars NJ – The largest online poker operator in world offers plenty of cash game and tournament action in New Jersey. New players depositing $20 receive $30 in free cash and $10 worth of Spin & Go tickets.
  • partypoker/BorgataPoker partypoker is one of the best-known online brands around the world. New partypoker players get a $25 bonus bet via $10 in poker money, $10 in casino chips, and $5 in poker tournament tickets. Those using the BorgataPoker skin can earn $10 in cash with a $10 bonus.
  • – Players on the World Series of Poker-affiliated site have the option of a shared liquidity pool with Nevada and Delaware. Players can qualify for WSOP events in Las Vegas and circuit tournaments. The site is run on software by 888poker, which also operates in the state. WSOP offers new players a $10 bonus bet. 888poker offers $20 in free play and up to a $1,500 deposit bonus.


  • – offers players plenty of cash game and tournament action with a shared liquidity market with WSOP online poker and 888poker in New Jersey and Delaware.


  • PokerStars PA – New players at PokerStars PA can claim a $30 free play bonus and up to $600 match bonus. PokerStars also partners with FOX Bet in the state for sports betting. Players utilizing the FOX Bet’s new player offer will earn a $20 bonus bet for signing up that can be used for poker or sports betting.


  •,, – These offer online poker in Delaware, however, it’s run through 888poker. The platform has a shared liquidity market with New Jersey and Nevada.

Other states

Those in other states have more limited options when it comes to online poker. Sweepstakes poker sites offer players a chance to play for cash and prizes. 

Global Poker may be an option for players in other states (and much of Canada as well). The company’s model is based on social gaming. Players can purchase Gold Coins for ring games and tournaments.

As a bonus, players receive Sweeps Coins – which can be used in tournaments and ring games. Unlike Gold Coins, Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for cash prizes. New players can earn a $20 Bonus Bet Sweeps Coin package with a verified account.

Check out this week’s US online poker events

Here’s a look at some upcoming poker festivals, events, and additions available to American players.

Main Event set for Sunday in Spring Online Championships

The Spring Online Championships continue through May 3 with plenty of action remaining on the schedule. The series features more than $4 million in guarantees over 100  events. The series includes other daily tournaments and also a 12-event warmup series.

The Spring Online Championships are open to players in Nevada and New Jersey as well as 888poker players in Delaware. This offers something for every level of bankroll, with buy-ins ranging from $10 to $1,000. Highlights this week include:

  • April 21 – $500 Special Tuesday Showdown with $75,000 guaranteed
  • April 26 – $100 Player Appreciation with added prizes and $100,000 guaranteed
  • April 26 – $320 NLHE Sunday Special Edition with $150,000 guaranteed

The $525 Main Event is set for the final Sunday of the series, May 3, and features a $300,000 guarantee. Players can also look forward to the Sunday Special Edition each week through April 26. These NLHE tournaments come with a $215 or $320 buy-in and a guarantee of at least $100,000.

The Spring Online Championships offer $4 million guaranteed. will be holding two player appreciation tournaments on April 26 and May 3. Billed as “$100 for $100K,” each has a $100 buy-in and a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000. The WSOP is adding to the fun with extra prizes randomly awarded in a drawing. Those include:

  • 2 winners – $500 cash each
  • 4 winners – $250 cash each
  • 10 winners – $100 cash each

It should be a big month of poker and here’s a complete schedule:

04/27/2020Spring OC #73 - $20,000 NLH [R&A]$304:00pm PST
04/27/2020Spring OC #74 - $17,500 NLH Deepstack [Re-entry]$755:00pm PST
04/27/2020Spring OC #75 - $15,000 NLH Monster Stack [R&A, Super Turbo] CAPPED$506:00pm PST
04/28/2020Spring OC #76 - $25,000 NLH [R&A]$504:00pm PST
04/28/2020Spring OC #77 - $125,000 NLH High Roller [Re-entry, 6-Max]$1,0005:00pm PST
04/28/2020Spring OC #78 - $50,000 Special Tuesday Showdown [Re-entry]$5006:00pm PST
04/28/2020Spring OC #79 - $15,000 NLH [Knockout]$3007:00pm PST
04/29/2020Spring OC #80 - $25,000 NLH Deepstack Super Addon [R&A]$304:00pm PST
04/29/2020Spring OC #81 - $20,000 NLH [Re-entry]$1005:00pm PST
04/29/2020Spring OC #82 - $15,000 NLH 8-Max [Turbo, R]$506:00pm PST
04/30/2020Spring OC #83 - $25,000 NLH 8-Max [R&A]$304:00pm PST
04/30/2020Spring OC #84 - $40,000 NLH 6-Max [Re-entry]$2505:00pm PST
04/30/2020Spring OC #85 - $10,000 PLO 6-Max [R&A]$506:00pm PST
05/01/2020Spring OC #86 - $20,000 NLH [R&A]$304:00pm PST
05/01/2020Spring OC #87 - $30,000 NLH Monster Stack [1x Re-entry], CAPPED$2155:00pm PST
05/01/2020Spring OC #88 - $20,000 NLH [Re-entry]$1006:00pm PST
05/02/2020Spring OC #89 - $10,000 NLH Deepstack [R&A]$103:00pm PST
05/02/2020Spring OC #90 - $25,000 NLH [Re-entry]$1004:00pm PST
05/02/2020Spring OC #91 - $12,500 NLH [Re-entry, Super Turbo]$755:00pm PST
05/02/2020Spring OC #92 - $30,000 NLH Saturday Special [Re-entry, 8 Max]$2506:00pm PST
05/03/2020Spring OC #93 - $20,000 NLH Special Sunday Deepstack [R&A]$5012:00pm PST
05/03/2020Spring OC #94 - $100,000 Player Appreciation with Added Prizes [Re-entry]$1001:00pm PST
05/03/2020Spring OC #95 - $300,000 NLH Main Event [Re-entry]$5252:00pm PST
05/03/2020Spring OC #96 - $30,000 NLH [Freezeout]$2153:00pm PST
05/03/2020Spring OC #97 - $50,000 NLH Sunday 50 [R&A]$554:00pm PST
05/03/2020Spring OC #98 - $50,000 NLH High Roller [Re-entry]$1,0004:00pm PST
05/03/2020Spring OC #99 - $40,000 PLO High Roller [Re-entry, 6-Max]$5004:00pm PST
05/03/2020Spring OC #100 - $25,000 NLH Deepstack [Turbo, Re-entry]$1005:00pm PST

Surprise Freerolls bring the cash throughout April

Players at have a shot at some free cash all month long. The site has introduced Surprise Freerolls offering prize pools up to $10,000.

These events pop up in the tournament lobby randomly multiple times weekly and offer a shot at some quick cash.

The Surprise Freerolls will continue throughout the entire month of April. Simplay log in to on mobile or desktop now and head to the lobby for a chance to win. adds to daily schedule

Players in Nevada and New Jersey received some welcome news recently. added to its daily tournament schedule to meet player demand.

DayTime (PT)Buy-inGameGuarantee
Daily1 p.m.$2158-max Deepstack NLHE$10,000
Daily8 p.m.$30 Turbo Deepstack NLHE$10,000
Wednesday5:30 p.m. $250NLHE$20,000
Thursday5:30 p.m.$500NLHE$20,000
Thursday7 p.m.$250NLHE$15,000
Thursday8:30 p.m.$1,000Turbo NLHE $20,000

For a complete review including an exclusive $10 in free play and a new player bonus up to $1,000, click here for Nevada players. Click here for New Jersey players.

Global Poker

Big daily tournaments ccontinue

After a massive Home Series, players can still get in on some nice daily tournament action. The site has some big five-figure guarantees daily and those include:

  • Monday Melee – SC15,000 Guaranteed [2X Entries]
  • Tuesday Tussle – SC25,000 Guaranteed [Deep]
  • Wednesday Wipeout – SC15,000 Guaranteed [Big Ante]
  • Thursday Throttle – SC15,000 Guaranteed [Turbo]
  • Friday Flash – SC15,000 Guaranteed [6-Max, Turbo]
  • Saturday Swift – SC15,000 Guaranteed [Ante Up, Turbo]
  • Sunday Six – SC15,000 Guaranteed [6-Max, Deep]

The site has also ramped up its daily offerings including its new “NightCap” series for night time players. Here’s a look at the complete slate of new dailies:

EventTournament EntryTime (ET)
Daily SC500 Guaranteed [6-Max]
SC 22.003:30 p.m.
Daily SC500 Guaranteed [1R1A]SC3.304 p.m.
Daily SC100 Guaranteed [6-Max, Turbo]SC 3.304:30 p.m.
Daily SC1,250 Guaranteed [Deep]SC116 p.m.
Deep Eleven SC6,000 Guaranteed [Deep]
SC116 p.m.
Deep Six Dive SC8,500 Guaranteed [6-Max, Deep]
SC556:45 p.m.
Daily SC1,000 GuaranteedSC227:30 p.m.
The Brawl SC15,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy]SC5.508 p.m.
Daily SC7,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy]SC5.508 p.m.
Triple Threat SC20,000 Guaranteed [2R1A]SC338:30 p.m.
Daily SC10,000 Guaranteed [2R1A]SC338:30 p.m.
Daily SC4,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC559 p.m.
Tuesday Tussle SC10,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC1109 p.m.
Thursday Throttle SC7,500 Guaranteed [Turbo]SC1109 p.m.
Daily SC2,000 Guaranteed [1R1A]SC22.009:30 p.m.
Daily PLO SC500 Guaranteed [2R1A, 6-Max]SC119:40 p.m.
Deep Freeze SC10,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC5510 p.m.
Daily SC1,500 Guaranteed [6-Max]SC3310 p.m.
Daily SC1,500 Guaranteed [1R1A, 6-Max]SC2210:30 p.m.
Daily SC3,000 Guaranteed [1R1A]
SC1111 p.m.
The Cubed SC5,000 Guaranteed [1R1A]SC1111 p.m.
Daily SC 500 GuaranteedSC2211:30 PM
NightCap SC3,000 Guaranteed [Hyper-Turbo]SC21.40midnight
Night Shift SC2,000 Guaranteed [Big Ante, Turbo]SC2212:30 a.m.
Night Owl SC2,000 Guaranteed [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo]
SC21.401 a.m.
Night Out SC1,500 Guaranteed [Hyper-Turbo]
SC21.401:30 a.m.
Saturday Swish SC6,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC555:30 p.m.
Sunday Teaser SC 20,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC1103 p.m.
Sunday – Weekend SC1,000 Guaranteed [Rebuy, Turbo]SC5.503:45 p.m.
Sunday Scrimmage SC 50,000 Guaranteed [Deep]SC2185:30 p.m.

For a complete Global Poker review including an exclusive new player bonus up to $1,000, click here.

PokerStars PA and NJ

Big events close out NJSCOOP on Monday

PokerStars NJ wraps up the New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker (NJSCOOP) on Monday, April 27 with six final events. The event guarantees players $1.2 million across the 96-event series. Here’s what remains of the series.

PokerStars NJSCOOP 2020

46HighNLHE [Nightly Stars - NJSCOOP Wrap-Up]April 27, 202010022000
46LowNLHE [NJSCOOP Wrap-Up]April 27, 2020104000
47HighNLHE [Phase, Day 2]April 27, 202010025000
47LowNLHE [Phase, Day 2]April 27, 2020105000
48HighNLHE [Wrap-up - Deep, Hyper-Turbo]April 27, 202015012000
48LowNLHE [Wrap-up - Deep, Hyper-Turbo]April 27, 2020153000

For a complete PokerStars review including an exclusive $30 in free play and a new player bonus up to $600 for players in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, click here.


Partypoker NJ adds $100K Phased Tournament

Partypoker NJ, which includes the and BetMGM skins, has added a new $109 Phased Tournament running each week. The event features a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Day 1 starting flights take place each day throughout the week, culminating with Day 2. Players can play one or all the starting flights and play their best stack.

Partypoker also recently added a few other regular events with nice guarantees including:

  • $10K Daily – Jump in this $109 event for a $10,000 guarantee.
  • Mega Tuesday – $12,000 guaranteed in this $535 six-max tournament.
  • Old School Tuesday – $35 buy-in with a $750 guarantee with no late entries.
  • Mega Thursday – $7,500 guaranteed for a $320 buy-in.
  • Sunday $35K – A $215 buy-in with $35,000 guaranteed.

For a complete BorgataPoker review including an exclusive $20 new player signup bonus and up to a $600 deposit bonus, click here.

*** Those playing online poker can find a complete list of international online poker sites and events for the week of April 27 – May 3 by clicking here. ***

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